Free Baby Shower Checklist

Plan a Baby Shower With This Free Checklist

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Print of this free baby shower checklist so you won't forget a single detail to when it comes to planning a baby shower.

This baby shower checklist includes everything from setting a budget all the way to helping mom with the thank you notes. It will help keep you organized and make sure that everything gets done in a timely manner before the baby shower.

There are plenty of links included along the way to help get you free baby shower stuff so you can reduce your budget but not compromise on the shower.

Baby Shower Checklist

Decide on a host and set a budget. Are you hosting the baby shower on your own or will there be a co-host? How much do you want to spend on the baby shower? Who will be contributing?

Choose a date and time for the baby shower. Get together with the mom-to-be and decide on a date for the baby shower. It should be a date that's good for you, her, and important guests such as grandmothers.

Make a guest list. The guest list will be up to the mom-to-be. Talk to her and find out how many people she wants to attend.

Find a place to have the baby shower. A small baby shower can be hosted at a home but you'll want to find a bigger venue for a large baby shower.

Pick a baby shower theme. Most baby showers have some sort of theme. Look for input from the mom-to-be here. The nursery decor or a personal interest my be great inspiration for a theme.

Remind mom-to-be to register for gifts. Here are some baby shower registry tips you can pass on to her.

Send out the baby shower invitations. Now that you have a date, venue, and theme, you can send out the baby shower invitations. Here are some free, printable invitations and some free online invitations. These invitation tips will help make sure you have everything included.

Order a cake and food for the baby shower. If you are planning to feed a meal to your guests, you'll need to plan that out at this point. It's also time to order a cake. Don't forget about any tableware you might need.

Get decorations for the baby shower together. Use printable baby shower decorations or go out and buy some. Flowers and balloons can be a nice way to decorate for a baby shower.

Plan the baby shower games. Guests love to have fun at baby showers so be sure to pick out baby shower games that they'll love. You may want to pick out a few inexpensive gifts to award to the winners.

Collect the RSVPs. Take a final count of the guests that will be attending and call anyone who hasn't send in their RSVP.

Help with the thank you notes. Shortly before the shower, help the mom-to-be by addressing the thank you notes and getting them all ready for her.

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