FotoFlexer Review

A Full Review of FotoFlexer, a Free Online Image Editor

Screenshot of a beach being edited with FotoFlexer

FotoFlexer is a free online photo editor, which means you can use any web browser to edit your images.

Probably the best thing about FotoFlexer is that the interface is super easy to use. That, and there are tons of useful editing tools that you won't want to miss out on.

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Opening & Saving Images With FotoFlexer

Photos can be imported into FotoFlexer from various sources. You can choose one from your computer or your FotoFlexer account, a URL, or sign in to Photobucket, Facebook, MySpace, Picasa, Flickr, Phanfare, or Smugmug to load an image from one of those websites.

When you save a photo edited with FotoFlexer, you can choose any of the above locations as the destination, but if you choose your computer you have the option to select between saving as a JPG or PNG file.

Sharing is also permitted when you're done editing. You can have your image uploaded to TinyPic and copy the public URL, email the photo to someone, or copy the direct link to the public version of your image hosted at FotoFlexer.


  • Every tool is free to use
  • Supports fullscreen editing mode
  • Numerous save and open options
  • Supports image sharing


  • Some tools don't work very well
  • Non-fullscreen mode can be difficult to use

More About FotoFlexer

  • Basic editing tasks, effects, decorating tools, animations, beautify tools, distort, layer, and geek menus are available that include various features
  • FotoFlexer includes an auto fix buttons, a red eye removal tool, crop function, and other basic tasks like rotate and resize abilities
  • Dozens of effects are just a couple clicks away, such as a color splash, blur edges, comic, greyscale, cartoon, sepia, and color rotate effect
  • FotoFlexer supports adding stickers and text to images, as well as drawing on a picture, filling in color, inserting faces over other images, and adding borders
  • Animated stars, hearts, flowers, and stickers can be added to photos
  • The Beautify menu lets you remove blemishes and smooth out wrinkles
  • A smart recoloring tool can help select and recolor a portion of an image to a different color
  • FotoFlexer supports zooming up to 400% to aid in editing
  • Tools for distorting an image are available such as twirl, bulge, pinch, stretch, and squish tools
  • The layers panel lets to overlay images and change an image's opacity
  • Images can be converted into posters with title and body text
  • You can capture an image from your webcam and apply live effects to it such as a sketch effect
  • A cutout tool lets you use FotoFlexer to remove an image's background using simple brush strokes

My Thoughts on FotoFlexer

I love how FotoFlexer's menus work. Each one displays its items directly below it to avoid taking up extra screen space. It's a bit like a tabbed menu interface, and it's very helpful.

I say above that some of FotoFlexer's tools don't work very well. In the images I tested, some of the beautify tools like the blemish and wrinkle fixer just didn't do a very good job. Honestly, it seemed like they didn't work at all.

However, disregarding those tools, everything else I used was great.

The items in the Effects menu were probably my favorite because they provide a super simple way to change the way an image looks with just a single click of the mouse.

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