Installation Overview -- Fort Benning, Georgia

Fort Benning is known as the "Home of the Infantry", the installation covers 182,000 acres in the "Tri-Community" area of Columbus and Fort Benning, Georgia, and Phenix City, Alabama. Additionally.

Fort Benning is the foundation of the Infantry, producing trained Soldiers and adaptive leaders imbued with the "Warrior Ethos." Serving as the Army's Infantry Flagship, Fort Benning is capable of deploying and redeploying Soldiers, civilians, and units anywhere in the world on short notice.

Fort Benning is home to the Army Airborne School and the infamous Ranger Training as well as the Armor School and others.

Fort Benning supports the global war on terror by maintaining one foot in current operations by advocating for the current force and one foot in the future by leveraging and defining requirements to meet the needs of the future force. It also provides reach back capabilities to train and sustain deployed forces on critical Infantry combat skills and equipment.

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Location/Driving Directions

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Fort Benning is located in SW Georgia, in what is fondly called the Tri-Community. This consists of Fort Benning; Columbus, Georgia and Phenix City, Alabama. Alabama's capital, Montgomery, and Georgia's capital, Atlanta are both only an hour and a half away. Fort Benning is also only a few hours' drive from Florida's Gulf shores and the mountains of North Georgia.

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Population/Major Units Assigned

Ranger Training
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Population: Fort Benning has a large active duty population of over 12,000 permanently stationed and 35,000 family members, as well as over 15,000 (weekly average) student population for the various Army Training Programs available.  Fort Benning schools supports more than 65,000 people annually.

Major Units Assigned:

Basic Training School and OSUT
The Infantry School
International Military Students Detachment (11th Infantry Regiment)
Infantry Training Brigade
29th Infantry Regiment
75th Ranger Regiment
The Armor School

and other units

Visiting / Living on Base

Temporary lodging (billeting) at Fort Benning, GA. Official Army Photo

Fort Benning Lodging is available to all services, active and retired military personnel, foreign officers, DOD Civilians and authorized guests. Priority will be given to the reservations made in advance by soldiers traveling on official orders (PCS/TDY). Those desiring lodging not on official orders may make reservations up to 45 days in advance, but it will be on a space available basis. During the summer months, on-post billeting is often booked to capacity.

Fort Benning Lodging has affordable guest rooms offering various amenities. Each of the guest rooms have a security locking system and comes with computer capabilities. Laundry facilities are available for use.

Columbus offers several temporary lodging choices for those unable to obtain housing at Fort Bennet Lodging. Lodging choices range from luxury to economy accommodations. There also many extended stay facilities/suites that offer kitchenettes and monthly rates.


Company grade officers, warrant officers and most senior NCOs drawing BAH at the without dependents rate are not required to live on post.

Battle Park Homes, is a single-story apartment complex of two hundred two and three-bedroom units. It is located on Fort Benning near the intersection of Benning Boulevard and Custer Road. (It is open to permanently assigned enlisted members and allied officers stationed at Fort Benning, GA.) This rental housing, however, is controlled by the government due to being on leased government land.

Fort Benning Family Communities is a partnership between the U.S. Army and Clark Pinnacle Family Communities.

The Villages of Benning

Maintenance services include 24 hour availability for emergencies, interior repairs, preventative maintenance, and landscaping for each home. Residents are only responsible to maintain their backyards and are encouraged to beautify their homes and yards.


TheFort Benning School Systemoffers a top quality education to children of military personnel living on the installation. There are six elementary schools and one middle school. High school students receive educational services at Chattahoochee High School. This school is located in Cusseta, GA. There are several magnet High Schools to choose from as well if students meet the criteria for entrance.

By Georgia law, children must be 4 years old on or before 1 September to enter pre-kindergarten. For kindergarten, children must be 5 years old on or before September 1, and 6 years old on or before September 1 to enter the first grade.

Fort Benning School Board

Child Care

Full-Day Care Centers: Main Post CDC, Tot Town CDC, and Sante Fe CDC. Full Day care is available for parents of children 6 weeks to 5 years who need full day childcare services for their children on a consistent basis.

Part Day Preschool: Benning Preschool is for 3 and 4 year old children. Benning Buddies is available for two, three and four year olds.

School Age Services: Supervised daily activities are offered for children K-5th grade before and after regular school hours. Care is also provided during school holidays and summer.

Family Child Care Homes: Child care is provided by a certified adult family member occupying government quarters. Parents interview, select and enter a contract with the child care provider. Certified homes are monitored for health, safety, and quality of service.

Medical Care

Martin Army Community Hospital (MACH), Fort Benning, is a medical facility that provides an extensive variety of inpatient medical services to eligible military beneficiaries. It is one of the largest and most comprehensive community hospitals in the Army. The Emergency Room offers the latest in state of the art technology to preserve life and efficient care. The hospital has 10 floors, four of which are patient wards, an extensive surgical suite with same-day capabilities, a labor-delivery and recovery suite, and over 36 ambulatory care clinics.

MACH offers a central appointment system where patients can obtain an appointment.. No walk in care or SPACE A care is available. True emergencies are seen in the ER.