FixApp: A Tool That Connects with Customers and Suppliers

FixApp connects you with real leads and suppliers

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FixApp is a new service/tool aimed to connect customers with real leads and connect customers with potential contractors. The app is free for customers and for a limited time, contractors can get free job leads related to different services.

How FixApp Works

FixApp works when customers post jobs and local professionals or contractor are able to browse them. All registered users can send quotes, schedule requests and send messages to customers directly.

Every contractor is asked to complete their profile under three main categories: Residential, ​Commercial and Industrial. The contractor must provide website address, contact details, physical address and corporate image. During the registration process the contractor can set the radius of interaction of where the services are being provided. FixApp has incorporated a scheduling, quoting, IM area, a map, and a customer review feedback area. FixApp can also provide a summary of leads, and history of the account all in one place. Once the work is completed, registered users are allowed to provide feedback about the quality and expectation of the work performed by the contractor.

FixApp Features

The App offers the following features:

  • Instant messaging
  • Provides a complete record of what was agreed
  • Leads are feed based on your settings and service area
  • Is available for Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry platforms
  • The app provides alerts when the job has been closed or a contractor has been selected
  • Customers can remain anonymous
  • Reported users are blocked after 5 complaints have been received

FixApp Review

After reviewing the app, I think there is the potential for growth. There are areas that can be improved such as server and provide more detail as how the date is secured.

The app can integrate additional features such as cloud or document sharing, interactive reporting and contractor rating system. For a contractor, I also think it is valuable if the customer can be screened before posting a requirement or asking for a bid.  The app can also integrate methods of receiving payments and sending bills to the customer.

In general, I think FixApp is a very useful resource that can provide customized leads for free.It can be used to get leads that can be converted into opportunities and for free, well you can't beat that.