5 Ways to Promote Listings on eBay

eBay promote listings
eBay provides several ways to cross-promote items across the platform. Getty Images

It is common knowledge that eBay is the world's premier online marketplace and one of the largest single buying and selling communities. Because such a large audience is assembled in one place, the increased potential for visibility makes it easier for sellers to promote their products or business on eBay. This is why so many sellers come to eBay, to tap into the massive audience on the site. Many large sellers even sell at a loss as part of a customer harvesting strategy.

Take every opportunity to promote your business without linking directly to it on eBay. Here are some strategies sellers can put into place to drive traffic, encourage repeat business, and grow their eBay business in general.


In every item description, be sure to include the text "Please check out my other auctions!" Make it large, bold, and bright, include it several times if necessary, and connect it to your seller's items page (accessible by clicking the "View seller's other items" link at the upper-right of any one of your item listings) using the following HTML tag in your listing:

<a href="http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewListedItems&userid=MyMemberID">
Please check out my other auctions!

(Replace MyMemberID with your own eBay member ID and augment with other HTML tags to make it more visible, of course!)

You can also visit eBay's Cross Promotion tutorial for more instructions.

Post Links to Your eBay Store From Other Websites.

Use this technique with discretion and only when appropriate. For example, if you are commenting on a blog, use your eBay store link as your website. Include your eBay store link on your LinkedIn profile. On your Facebook About Me page, use your eBay store home page as your website.

Consider your eBay store home page as your website, as if you built it and manage it yourself.

List in Multiple Categories

It is always better to go wide rather than deep on eBay. In other words, rather than specialize, sell a variety of different items in different categories. Sell both new and used items. Sell multiple types of items, and high-demand items. This is especially helpful in the context of cross-promotion (linking between auction listings) and when you're selling many of the same type of item that could be categorized in several ways.

Sell separate accessories, list multiple items across several relevant categories and cross-promote them—anything to bring in a wider variety of prospective buyers and make them aware of your business. List at least a few very high-demand items that are likely to be seen by a large number of potential bidders.

For those eBayers who are pickers and go to thrift stores, garage sales, live auctions, and estate sales to buy items to resell, it only makes sense to sell across many different categories. Because these types of sellers expose themselves to a wide variety of items to purchase for resale, they can easily diversify and try new products without much risk.

 Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Nurture a Repeat Customer Base. 

One of the biggest mistakes sellers make is not asking for repeat business. Your promotion and visibility don't end with your listing. At every stage in the process after your listing closes, you can promote your business to your buyer. Include a business card in the package. Write a hand-written thank you note sincerely thanking the customer for their business and inviting them to return. Gift wrap items, especially high dollar items, so that the customer feels special and feels like she is receiving a special gift.  Intentionally ask bidders to add you to their list of favorite sellers. Include a small gift like hard candy (no chocolate as it could melt in transit), a scented drawer sachet, or some other small item that the buyer could actually use.

Use Social Media

Promote eBay items on Twitter, Pinterest, your Facebook page, and Instagram. Use this technique sparingly as you don't want your friends to get sick of your constant posting and unfriend or unfollow you. Promote unusual or hard to find items. During ​the 4th quarter, when people are shopping for holiday gifts, you can be a little more liberal with social media promotion. Just be careful it isn't overkill.

These are just a few simple technique requiring very little overhead and applicable to every eBay business model or market. The key to consistently selling and making money on eBay is focusing on the details in every listing. Using these strategies can help increase your visibility and promote both your eBay listings and your e-storefront off of eBay.

Updated by Suzanne A. Wells on September 18, 2016.