5 Effective Ways to Build Website Traffic

If you build it, they may not come. Website traffic from visitors who are interested what you’re offering is the key to home business success. So along with providing your quality product or service, you need to ensure you’re doing things that bring people to your website so they can learn about you and buy. Here are five effective and affordable ways to build website traffic.

Website Speed and Responsiveness

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There are two major reasons to make sure your website loads fast and is easily read from any device:

  1. Visitors have thousands of other sites they can visit, so they’re not going to sit and wait for yours to load, or try to decipher it on a mobile device.
  2. Google vets sites based on responsiveness. For SEO purposes, you need a responsive website.

The good news is that most website theme builders are aware of these important factors and should have made changes to increase speed and responsiveness. If your theme or template is up-to-date, you should be okay.

However, if you built your site from scratch, or you’ve added a lot of bells and whistles, you’ll want to test the speed and responsiveness.

Get Social

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Social media has been a God-send to entrepreneurs with businesses of all sizes. In a world in which consumers want to interact and know the companies they’re doing business with, social media makes it easy to connect and engage with them to build trust and rapport. The problem is that social media can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Plus, done incorrectly, it can fail to produce results or even worse, backfire.

The easiest way to use and manage social media is with a plan that starts out with a goal. What do you want your social media to do? Each post should have a goal end result, such as build trust or credibility, add email subscribers, etc. Because social media is social, you need to remember that it’s not all about what you post, but also, how you respond to others. That means you need to respond to people who connect with you and reach out others.

Be Visual

Visual Marketing
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Graphics and video attract more viewers than text alone. Not only that, but your content is more likely to be shared if there is a compelling graphic or video. Graphics can be used in a variety of ways such as sharing a quote, conveying an idea, attracting attention, and providing data. Video can provide entertainment and/or education. Consider having a sharable graphic on all blog posts, and a regular schedule of social media graphics enticing people to your side. Make a video tour of your site or a tutorial on how to use your product or something related to your industry.

Connect With Influencers

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Viral marketing, having others talk about you and your business, is extremely effective and costs nothing. One of the best resources to help you create buzz about your business is with people who have influence. When we talk about influence, many believe we’re talking about having the most social media followers, but that’s not the case. Having influence means that people are paying attention to what is being said. Someone can have a million followers, but if no one is listening, what does it matter? On the other hand, someone might have 5,000 followers and most of them are listening and sharing. That’s influence.

Finding influencers is easy. Who are the leaders in your industry? Who speaks about or has written a book on your topic? Once you find people who have influence in your topic and with your market, connect with them on social media. Start by following them at places like LinkedIn and Twitter. Don’t be aggressive in seeking attention. Start sharing and commenting on information the influencer posts. Help the influencer to take notice of you through your support and engagement with him. As you build trust and rapport with the influencer, he’ll begin to share your posts as well.

Share Your Expertise

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People, especially online, aren’t going to take your word that you’re great. The best way to entice people to buy your products or services is to prove that you can help them. The ideal way to do that is to show ‘em what you know.

When people see that you know what you’re talking about, they’re more likely to buy from you. There are many ways to show off what you know. Blogging is one of the easiest ways. Writing guest articles for other blogs and websites (especially on influencers’ sites), videos, speaking, and books are all effective ways of sharing your knowledge, as well.