Five College-Related Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Actions High School Seniors Need to Take Now for Future Success

You might have heard of the “dog days of summer,” but is there such a thing as the “dog days of winter?” After all the activity of the fall semester, does it just feel like these last few months of your last year in high school are dragging on forever? Perhaps the weather has you down or you’re really looking forward to summer. Whatever your reason is for slowing down, here are some ways you can overcome those college-related challenges:

Finalize a College Choice

You have submitted applications and received acceptance letters from several colleges you would really like to attend, but are stuck on a final choice. Perhaps you need to visit the schools again or talk to some current students. Put together a list of pros and cons for each, and then go over your list with your parents, friends, and trusted advisors. At some point, one of your options will probably begin “speaking to you” enough that you will know this is where you should attend.

Watch the Money Situation

On the other hand, don’t be so set on one college that you are going to force yourself and your family into severe financial difficulty for years to come. College is worth the investment, but make sure you are investing wisely. Compare total costs and financial aid packages from each of your top choices, and then have a heart-to-heart with your parents about the money.

Unless you are willing to go above and beyond in contributing to your college expenses, you might have to pick a school with a better financial aid offer.

Avoid the Scourge of Senioritis

You might be perfectly happy with your college choice, and you could have the financial situation well in hand. So what’s to worry about now, right?

Why not take some time and slack off on those grades and other activities so you can rest up before embarking on your college career? Be very careful of this mindset. Colleges can and will rescind admissions offers, and you could easily find yourself up a very tall tree without a lot of options.

Watch Your Social Media Presence

You will soon enter a whole new world with an entirely different set of friends, instructors and bosses. Make sure that the social media presence you present to current friends is really the one you want your new circle of influence to see. Take time now to clean up your online act and set the groundwork for your new college self.

Don’t be in Too Big of a Hurry

Maybe you just can’t wait to get out of that high school and move on with your life, but do try to take some time to soak it all in and really enjoy yourself. If you have gotten the hard work out of the way, focus on spending these last few months with your friends and strengthening what could become life-long relationships. Try out some activities you have always wanted to experience, attend school events, and go to your graduation. You might be surprised to find out that you are actually going to miss this place.

There is a lot waiting for you in the next phase of your life, but that doesn’t mean you should just abandon where you are. Take your time to make wise choices, enjoy what you are doing, and get yourself ready for college.