Five Best Apps to Teach Kids About Business

We love that there are so many great apps out there for kids to actually learn something! They get to play and at the same time, they learn! That is a win-win. 

Even better is when those apps teach kids about how to run a business or manage money.

Below are some of our favorite apps for teaching kids about running a business.

Motion Math Pizza

Teen using digital tablet at home
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Motion Math Pizza allows the kids to run a pizza restaurant.  They have to do everything from buying the ingredients to pricing the pizzas and giving the total cost to the customer, all while making sure they are happy!

The better they do the harder the game gets.

Street Food Tycoon

In Street Food Tycoon, your child gets the opportunity to run a food cart --very timely given the food truck industry.

In this game, you must determine how you are going to finance your business, buy products, serve them and continue to make upgrades.

It is a great app to teach budgeting, because if you spend too much on upgrades you may not have enough to buy food to restock.  When that happens you lose sales and customers.

There are in-app purchases if you want to upgrade items faster, or you can watch ads to gain more coins.  I would use this as a great time to talk to kids about why in-app purchases are a great way to waste money!

Adventure Capitalist

Adventure Capitalist is a very simple game that allows your child to learn the power of owning something and having employees work the business so you don't always have to be there!

You buy different businesses, hire employees to run them for you and you can even bring investors on board.

While your child is away they keep making money on the businesses since they have hired someone.  When they open the app back up it tells them how much they made while they were gone.

I am amazed at how excited my son gets about seeing how much he "made" while he was away.

Football Chairman

*This is a paid app, although there is a lite version so you can see if your child likes it first*

This app is great for those kids that are sports fans.  It allows you to run your own football (soccer) team.  You determine the managers, negotiate contracts on sponsorship deals and much more!

While it is classified as a 4 and up game, since you are doing things like negotiating shirt sponsorships, I would suggest it be for older kids (about 8 and up) so that you don't have to explain too much!

Sushi Monster

While this is not exactly a business game, it is a math game.  New research is showing that it is more important to teach math than teaching exact money basics.  The more math our kids know the better they do in life.

One thing every business owner needs to understand is their financials, so this app will help your kids with math skills so they can read the financials.

They give you a problem, and you have to pick sushi plates that add or multiply up to the correct answer.  Then the monster eats the sushi. Very basic, but very effective.