First American Home Warranty Review

Protect you home from costly repairs.


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First American Home Warranty is an established name in the home warranty business. The company was founded in 1984 and is an experienced provider home warranty plans to homeowners and real estate professionals. Multiple plans are available starting at only $28 per month. 

During our review process, we considered pricing, plan options, coverage territory, customer service record and several other criteria. First American Home Warranty is a good choice for your home repair needs based on its affordable, nationwide coverage.

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What We Like

  • Affordable plans beginning at $28/mo

  • Nationwide coverage

  • Competitive payout caps

  • Repair technician within four hours during normal working hours

What We Don't Like

  • Both plans lack options provided by other home warranty providers

  • Basic plan is extremely limited with coverage

  • More BBB complaints than most other companies we’ve reviewed

Company Overview

First American Home Warranty was founded in 1984. It has three offices in the U.S., giving the company plenty of manpower to fulfill service needs. It provides two or three homeowner warranty plans, depending on your location, as well as real estate plans and optional nationwide coverage.

Homeowner Plans

First American Home Warranty offers three or two homeowner plans, depending on your state; Basic, Value Plus, and Eagle Premier. The following optional coverages can be added to the Basic plan for an additional charge: central air conditioning, pool/spa equipment, clothes washer and dryer, additional refrigeration, well pump, and septic tank pumping/sysem. The waiting period for coverage is 30 days. You may only use your own contractor if you obtain approval from the company before having repairs completed.

Real Estate Plans

First American Home Warranty offers realtor plans for real estate professionals who wish to offer clients a warranty when buying a home to protect them from any unexpected repairs they may incur after purchase. Sellers may also buy a policy if they wish to protect themselves against any liability issues arising from repairs needed by buyers because of unknown home defects. 

There is a Basic option for sellers and buyers as well as optional coverage. Optional coverage available for sellers includes First Class Upgrade that includes heating, air conditioning, and ductwork (details on the First Class Upgrade can be found here). The seller’s coverage begins when you receive your contract number and continues until the listing expires (not to exceed 180 days). Seller’s coverage may be extended at the company’s discretion. Optional coverage for buyers includes: additional refrigeration, clothes washer and dryer, First Class Upgrade, kitchen refrigerator, pool/spa equipment, septic tank pumping/system, and well pump.

For pricing on real estate plans, you must contact an area manager from the real estate professional page

Homeowner Plan Pricing

All homeowner plans come with a $75 service call fee. Plan pricing is on a per-month basis. We took a sampling of state pricing for single-family homes less than 5,000 square feet.

Pricing for optional coverage listed by state. Optional coverage pricing in on a per-month basis.

*First Class Upgrade adds coverage for some excluded items for the plans, as well as optional coverage. The upgrade includes clothes washer and dryer, trash compactor, dishwasher, smoke detectors, and more. A full list of additional coverage provided by the First Class Upgrade can be found here.


Exclusions were obtained from a downloadable sample contract.

  • Kitchen Appliances: (Dishwasher, garbage disposal, instant hot water dispenser, trash compactor, oven/range/cooktop, built-in microwave oven): Rotisseries, lights, knobs, dials, racks, baskets, rollers, removable trays, removable buckets, door glass, interior lining, lock assemblies, magnetic induction cooktops, meat probe assemblies, and clocks (unless they affect the primary function of the unit).
  • Kitchen Refrigerator: Insulation, racks, shelves, drawers, tracks, handles, lights, ice crushers, beverage dispensers and components, interior thermal shells, food spoilage, stand-alone freezers, refrigerators outside of kitchen area, and refrigerant recapture, reclaim and disposal.
  • Ductwork: Grills and registers, improperly sized ductwork, insulation, dampers, and ductwork where asbestos is present.
  • Water Heater: Holding or storage tanks, flues and vents, fuel storage tanks, and solar equipment. 
  • Electrical: Doorbells, computer, audio, video, intercom, fixtures, alarm, and components.
  • Garage Door Openers: Remote transmitters, adjustments, doors, gates and gate motors, side rails, hinges, and springs.
  • Central Vacuum System: Hoses and accessories which are removable.
  • Clothes Washer and Dryer: Plastic mini-tubs, soap dispensers, filter and lint screens, knobs and dials, venting, and damage to clothing.
  • Ceiling Fans: Light kits and remote transmitters
  • Plumbing: Fixtures, faucets, filter, shower head, shower arm, shower enclosure and base pan, caulking and grouting, septic tank, hose bibbs, flow restrictions in freshwater lines, water conditioning equipment, sewage ejectors, saunas or steam rooms, whirlpool jets and fire suppression systems.
  • Plumbing Stoppages: Stoppages caused by foreign objects, roots, collapsed or broken lines outside the foundation, access to drain or sewer lines from roof vent and costs to locate, access, or install a ground-level cleanout.
  • Heating: Auxiliary space heaters, cable heat, mini-split ductless systems (including heat pump versions), humidifier/dehumidifier systems or accessories, filters (including electronic air cleaners), registers, fuel storage tanks, heat lamps, fireplaces and key valves, fireplace inserts, baseboard casings and grills, chimneys, flues and vents, underground or outside components and piping for geothermal or water source heat pumps, well pumps and well pump components for geothermal or water source heat pumps, grain, pellet, stove style or wood heating units, electronic, computerized, pneumatic and manual system management and zone controllers, and heat pump refrigerant recapture, reclaim, and disposal.
  • Central Air Conditioning: Mini-split ductless versions, humidifier/dehumidifier systems and accessories, registers, grills, filters (including electronic air cleaners), gas air conditioners, window units, underground or outside piping and components for geothermal or water source heat pumps, cooler pads, roof jacks or stands, electronic, computerized, pneumatic and manual system management and zone controllers and refrigerant recapture, reclaim, and disposal.
  • Pool/Spa Equipment: All cleaning equipment, including pop-up heads, turbo and actuator valves, pool sweeps, liners, lights, structural defects, solar equipment, inaccessible components, humidifier/dehumidifier systems or accessories, jets and components, fuel storage tanks, fill valves, electronic, computerized, pneumatic and manual system management and zone controllers, disposable filtration media, chlorinators, ozonators and other water chemistry control equipment and materials, auxiliary, negative edge, waterslide, waterfall, ornamental fountain and pumping and motor systems or any other pump or motor that does not circulate water from the pool or spa directly into the main filtration system, heat pumps, salt, panel box, remote controls, and dials.
  • Additional Refrigeration: Kitchen refrigerator, insulation, racks, shelves, drawers, tracks, handles, lights, ice makers, ice crushers, beverage dispensers and components, interior thermal shells, food spoilage and refrigerant recapture, reclaim, and disposal.
  • Well Pump: Well casings, booster pumps, pumps used exclusively for irrigations, animals and non-living quarters, piping or electrical lines, holding, pressure or storage tanks, redrilling of wells, damage due to lack of water, tampering, well pump and well pump components for geothermal or water source heat pumps, improper installation and access to repair well pump system.

Payout Caps

While there are several payout caps, the number of payout caps and the dollar amount are within industry standards.

  • Kitchen Appliances: $3,500 per appliance
  • Water Heater: $1,500
  • Central Air Conditioning: $1,500
  • Items In/Below Concrete Slab: $500
  • Saltwater Pool/Spa Equipment: $1,500
  • Well Pump: $1,500
  • Code Violation Correction: $250

Repair Time

When you call First American Home Warranty for service, it will dispatch a repair technician within four hours during normal working hours. Under normal circumstances, a contractor should arrive at your home to begin repairs within 48 hours of your request. If the repair is an emergency, the company will make an effort to expedite service. Non-emergency service requests outside of normal operating hours may require an additional payment. 

Customer Service/Claims

To request service, call First American’s service department, available 24/7, at 800-992-3400 or sign in to submit a new service request. To purchase a plan, homeowners can call 888-875-0533 and real estate professionals can call 800-444-9030. Quotes for both homeowners and real estate plans are available online.

BBB Rating

First American Home Warranty has a “B+” rating from the BBB and has been an accredited business since 2000. It has a 3-out-of-5-star average customer rating based on over 1,700 customer reviews. There are over 3,000 customer complaints with the majority of the complaints falling under the category of “problem with a product or service.” Common complaints included a delay in repair technician arriving and complaints with completed work by contractors.

The Competition: First American Home Warranty vs. America’s Preferred Home Warranty

We took a look at the differences between First American Home Warranty vs. America’s Preferred Home Warranty to see if we can help you determine which company offers the better deal in home warranty coverage. Here are some key comparisons to consider.

Even though America’s Preferred Home Warranty has a better BBB rating, we feel that First American Home Warranty has plans starting at lower pricing and also provides a better workmanship guarantee, making it the winner of the two home warranty companies.

Final Verdict

First American Home Warranty provides nationwide coverage and four-hour dispatch no matter what time of day or night. Plans are affordable beginning at $28 per month; however, all of the plans lack the number of items covered compared to other home warranty providers we’ve reviewed. If you are just looking for a basic and affordable home warranty plan, this could be a good choice. However, if you have a large home with many appliances, systems, and components; you may be better off looking for more coverage options with another home warranty provider.