7 Tips To Finding The Right Event Planning Company For Your Event

How To Hire An Event Manager That Meets Your Event Needs

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You’re looking to select an event planning company for a major bash that’s on the horizon but do you know what to look for when searching for the right event planning company?

It can be a mind-bogglingly decision as, of course, every event planning company will tell you they’re the best. To get it right, take a look at what each company has to offer and determine who is going to give you the best outcome based on your event needs.

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The best place to start is to talk to former clients of the event planning company you’re considering. This will give you an unbiased opinion to help you make a decision.

7 Tips To Finding The Right Event Planning Company

Next, follow these 7 event planning tips that outline what to look for to find an event planning company that is right for your event.

1. PASSION - I recommend that you look for an event planning company specializes in a particular type of event (wedding, corporate, fundraising, for example) and is passionate about what they do. It’s highly unlikely that a company that has no passion for the job is going to produce an exciting and successful event.

2. ORGANIZATION - the event planning company you choose must be highly organized. In talking to previous clients of the companies you’re considering you’ll be able to determine their level of organizational skills fairly quickly by asking them.

3. PEOPLE SKILLS - it’s fairly critical that, as event planning involves dealing with and organizing people, the event manager you're considering should have outstanding people skills. To a certain extent you can judge this by how they interact with you personally but it’s always a good idea to speak with some of their vendors as well.

4. EXCELLENT TIME MANAGEMENT - of course, time management could also fall broadly into the organization category but it’s also worth considering time management on its own. A huge part of producing a successful event is to deliver each and every stage of the project on time because any delays can be disastrous to your timetable and event. Ask the event planning company you’re considering what kind of time management system they use to stay on track.

5. FLEXIBILITY - you definitely want your event planning schedule nailed down with very specific timelines and milestones. That said, Murphy’s Law dictates that things will go wrong at some point and it’s absolutely essential that your chosen event manager has the flexibility to cope. So, if you’re speaking to a previous client of an event planning company you’re considering, ask them how the company performed under pressure and were they able to adapt to difficult or unforeseen events.

7. RESOURCEFULNESS - is the event planning company you’re considering able to quickly and effectively come up with a plan B should the need arise? You’ll want to make sure that the event manager of the company that you’re considering is calm under pressure and able to think and act quickly and calmly to keep the event running smoothly.

8. IT’S A TEAM GAME - finally, bear in mind that organizing an event is normally a team game. It’s unlikely that you’ll be dealing solely with your event company’s planner in isolation. Ask who the main event manager is for your event and who reports to her. Get as much information as you can about all the people involved in organizing your event.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a gala or a fundraiser, finding the right event planning company for your event is paramount to your event’s success. When all is said and done, you want to establish a relationship with your event manager so take time and choose someone that meets your event needs.