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The Internship Series Online (online version of Internships-USA) provides full, up-to-date information on finding an internship in over 2,800 organizations offering internships and summer jobs for national and international students, professionals, and adventure seekers. The Internship Series Online provides instant access to thousands of internship opportunities that are listed in Internship Series Online (previously called Internships-USA’s) 14 annual publications and includes listings for paid internships, summer internships, fall internships, spring internships, and non-profit internships.

Guide Review

The Internship Series on Line is one of my favorite sites when looking for internships in a number of specific categories. Internships are easily accessed and a thorough description of each one makes it easy for students to evaluate. Each listing includes a company description, the company URL, internship description, number of internship opportunities available, recommended major, preferred academic level, compensation, application procedure, semesters offered, and deadline to apply.

I also really like the fact that a special section is devoted to recently posted internships. Since the listings are updated approximately every two weeks, students are able to check out recent postings and apply immediately to those that match their interests and specifications.

An Overview

The Internship Series on Line can only be accessed by subscription, so check with your Career Services Office at your college to see if they are one of over 300 college subscribers.

The Internship Series Online offers many internships that are often difficult to find all in one place. Immigrant & Refugee Rights, Global Rights, and The Carter Center are just a few of the listings under Human Rights. The Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies, The Environmental Working Group, and The Audubon Society are a few listed in the Big Green Internship Book while The Sports Internships Book includes opportunities with the major and minor leagues as well as conferences, events, associations, and sports management.

The new Congressional Internship Book 2011 – 2013 offers many congressional opportunities as a result of the 2012 Presidential election. The Internships with American Advertising Agencies offers opportunities for students majoring in marketing, graphics, communications, etc. The Resort and Seasonal Employment Guide offers thousands of resort opportunities from Alaska to the Florida Keys.

Internship Series Online Annual Publications

New books recently published for 2012/2013 include:

Internships in International Affairs - Fall 2012
Here you will find information on over 130 organizations offering experience in the international arena. Included are government agencies, non-profit organizations, NGO's, and international organizations.

Women's Rights Internships - Fall 2012
There are any number of opportunities to get involved with the struggle for women's rights. Over 150 organizations dealing with domestic violence, sexual harassment, employment issues, families and gender equality are here.

Advertising Agencies - Spring 2012
Here you will find opportunities for organizations and information for students interested in Advertising and Marketing.

Internships with America's Top Companies - Spring 2012
Here is your source for internships with over one-quarter of America's Fortune 500 corporations.

These companies offer internships for virtually every major and have locations in every state in the union.

The Media Internship Book - Spring 2012
Interested in a career in broadcasting or print media. Over two hundred organizations including newspapers, television stations, magazines offer internships for students. Click here to learn more.

The Sports Internship Book - Fall 2012
This is your source for internships with over 300 organizations in the sports industry. These organizations offer hundreds of internship opportunities. Take a look at the opportunities with over 40 major league teams , the minors, conferences and leagues or events and tournaments or sports venues, coliseums and arenas. university athletic departments or sports media. For all of you who want to be Jerry McGuire there's sports agents, management, and marketing.

The Big Green Internship Book - Spring 2012
Many students are interested in careers protecting the environment. Here you will find over 300 organizations in 39 states offering internships working to protect the environment. Positions include environmental education, conservation research, environmental policy, grassroots organizing, government agencies, and international organizations. There are even internships with the United Nations Environmental Program.

Washington Internships In Law and Policy - Spring 2012
Interested in working in DC? This is the place to start. Nearly 300 organizations offering internships affecting change.

The Resort Internship and Seasonal Employment Guide- Fall 2012Just in time for the fall resort recruiting season. This is your source for thousands of positions with over 150 resort employers in 37 states. From Alaska to the Grand Tetons to the Florida Keys, this is ultimate resort internship site.

The Congressional Internship Book 2011-2013
This resource lists internships with over 250 members of Congress, including application requirements deadlines and more. Also included is information on the hundreds of internships available in district offices.

The Human Rights Internship Book - Fall 2012
Interested in the struggle for human rights and freedom throughout the world? This is your chance to contribute over 150 organizations are seeking interns to assist them in this important work. Amnesty International, Cuba Free Press, Human Rights Watch, they're all here.

The History Internship Book - Fall 2012
Interested in History? This is your source for over 300 organizations offering internships in Museums, State and National Parks, Living History Programs, and Historical Commissions and Archives.

Internships with America's Advertising Agencies - Spring 2012
Here you will find internships with Ad Agencies nationwide. Opportunities for students in a variety of majors, including marketing, graphics, communications, and more.

The Museum Internship Book - Fall 2012
In this publication, we list over two hundred museums of all types (art, history, special interest) providing internships for students nationwide.

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