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Compassionate Eye Foundation/Chris Ryan/Taxi/Getty Images is one of the leading educational and experiential resources for international experiences, offering over 15,000 opportunities from all over the world. is the umbrella organization that houses all of the following sites:

  • Intern Abroad
  • Teach Abroad
  • Transitions Abroad
  • Volunteer Abroad

Guide Review makes it easy to find internships by type and by country. Whether students or new graduates are looking to study, intern, volunteer, or teach abroad; they can all be found on this one site.

The site includes valuable information for contacting embassies from around the world as well as scholarships that are available for specific programs or countries. Particularly when looking for opportunities abroad, it is often difficult to find this information all in one place.

I particularly like the Travel Journals that share the experiences of other students. The Best Internship Destinations and Best Internship Choices help those who are undecided about destination or type of internship. There is also an eco/adventure section on the site for those interested in learning more about exciting opportunities that are fun and provide a chance to explore the country and learn more about its people. also offers information on cheaper airfare for students seeking to travel internationally for the purpose of doing a study, internship, or volunteer experience abroad.

Doing an internship abroad can be one of the most valuable experiences of one's life.

The overseas opportunities are extensive and they provide a way to gain additional knowledge and skills that will make you successful in working with people from different cultures. These opportunities will give you a global understanding of the world and a way to better understand other cultures and beliefs.

I recommend that all students do at least one international experience. Many students doing Study Abroad programs through their college, also add on an internship at the same time or remain in the country and complete one during the summer. as with many internship abroad sites can be extremely frustrating for college students. First of all, there are so many locations and programs to choose from that it is often difficult to even know where to start. Students really need to decide on the location and the type of internship they want to do.

Secondly, even for volunteer and teaching positions; there is often a hefty program fee involved. Many students really want to do an internship abroad but they just don't have the money to pay the required fees. Some programs like BUNAC and some teaching experiences do pay a salary or stipend but it is essential for students to have an emergency fund from which they can access money if needed. Students are also required to pay their own transportation and oftentimes housing and food as well. Interning abroad definitely requires students to do a good deal of pre-planning and some financial resources to make it possible.

GoAbroad Overview was developed in 1999 by a group of international educators and the listings on the site came about through extensive market research.'s goal is to link prospective travelers with organizations offering international opportunities.

Some of the organizations that are listed on the site include:

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