Where to Find Sales Jobs Online

Finding a job in sales can be a challenge. As more people realize the tremendous earning potential associated with sales positions, more people enter the sales-job hunt. Unless knocking on doors and handing out resumes is your job hunt plan, you will be using the Internet to find potential sales jobs.  There are many job posting sites, but some are more focused on sales jobs and should be high on your list of sites to visit.


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SalesJobs.com is focused on nothing but sales jobs. The site is designed for both sales job seekers and for businesses looking to hire a sales person. For job seekers, SalesJobs.com allows you to set up a free account. Once your account is set up, you can upload your resume, save custom job searches, apply for sales jobs as well as run keyword or location specific job searches .

The site also provides a very useful “Career Center” that gives tips on resume writing, interviewing, how to dress and useful links for many different industries.  More


Much like Salesjobs.com, this website is geared for sales and marketing jobs. There are many jobs that appear on both this site and salesjobs.com, and both sites share many of the same features and benefits. For me, the biggest difference between these two sites is the layout and usability. SalesJobs.com is laid out intelligently and is easy to navigate around. SalesCareersOnline.com seems more crowded and less aesthetically pleasing.

All in all, for those searching for a sales job, SalesCareerOnline.com is certainly a site that should be visited and investigated. More

The Ladders

Promising the most $100K jobs opportunities, TheLadders has many sales jobs posted. While creating an account with TheLadders is free, you need a paid membership to take advantage of this site. Membership levels range from a one-month membership for $35 up to a 12-month membership that will run you $180.

While TheLadder,s claim that they have the most $100K jobs may be true, I question this when it comes to sales jobs. Most sales jobs have a commission component that gives sales professionals virtually unlimited earnings potential. Many of the sales jobs posted on TheLadders.com may have the potential to be $100K+ positions but are much more likely to be jobs that pay much less.  More


Another job board that is focused only on sales jobs, SalesTrax.com uses a slightly more “social networking” approach to finding a sales job. Their tag line is “uniting sales people and sales opportunities,” and they do this by creating a network of sales professionals offering their advice on job searching as well as general selling advice.

The listing of job openings is not as expansive as those on other sites, but they are more focused on sales jobs than even the other “sales-jobs” websites. Creating an account is free as is posting your resume, searching for positions and gaining access to the library of sales-centric advice. More

Monster, Hot Jobs and CareerBuilder

These three are the most popular and well know job search sites, and all have multiple sales jobs postings. While they do not focus on sales jobs exclusively, you can conduct keyword specific searches to find only sales jobs. I’ve grouped these three into the same section since they share many commonalities:

  • Free to set up an account
  • Free to post a resume
  • Keyword and location specific job searches
  • Access to thousands of postings
  • Saved searches
  • Ability to search for a certain employer

With these shared features, these also share some common shortcomings that may make these sites less valuable for job seekers:

  • Many positions offered from “high-turnover” companies
  • Numerous postings for “work-at-home” positions
  • Potential “scam” postings