FinalTorrent Review

A Review of the Free Torrent Client FinalTorrent

Screenshot of FinalTorrent in Windows 7
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Note: I no longer have a suitable download link for FinalTorrent. See my list of free torrent clients for some alternatives.

FinalTorrent is one of the more simpler free torrent clients out there. There aren't a lot of settings, and the interface is very clean, which makes the program easy to use.

My favorite feature is the built-in search function, which lets you search for torrents without having to open your web browser.

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  • Very easy to use
  • Uncluttered interface
  • Free from advertisements


  • Can only open local torrent files (not URLs)
  • Bandwidth restrictions can't bet set for specific torrents
  • Can't change the websites in the built-in browser
  • Unable to share files by making your own torrent
  • Tries to install other programs during setup

More About FinalTorrent

Here are some additional features in FinalTorrent:

  • FinalTorrent works with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP
  • All your torrents and downloaded files are organized by FinalTorrent in the Library tab so you can keep track of them
  • You're able to specify the maximum number of active torrents and active downloads, as well as the number of upload slots and maximum number of connected peers per torrent
  • A random port can be used for FinalTorrent's connection to the Internet, or you can enter one manually
  • A limit to the upload and download speed can be set
  • You can specify the default download folder for partial and full downloads

My Thoughts on FinalTorrent

FinalTorrent has just four tabs, which makes it extremely easy to navigate through the program - Home, Search, Library, and Downloads. Home is where you open new torrent files, Search is the built-in browser for downloading torrents from online, Library keeps a record of your downloaded files, and Downloads is a list of all the active torrents.

Most torrent clients let you open a torrent by its URL or magnet link, but FinalTorrent only supports loading torrent files from the built-in browser or by a local .torrent file. This may show to take up more time than seems necessary because you have to download each .torrent file before you can start downloading its files.

Something else I don't like about FinalTorrent is that there are only two website options in the built-in browser. This means you can't search for torrents on any other torrent site because you're forced to use the ones in the program. If you want to find torrent elsewhere, you'll have to use your regular web browser.

Also, some torrent clients let you define the upload and download bandwidth for each individual torrent, but FinalTorrent only lets you set a restriction on all the torrents with a global setting.

Note: Both before and after FinalTorrent installs, setup tries to add other programs to your computer that are unrelated to the torrent client. If you'd like to avoid this, you can click Skip all or uncheck the programs you don't want.

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