File State Taxes Online For New Mexico through South Carolina

Free State Income Tax Return Filing

The links below take you to state tax software websites for New Mexico, New York, where Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and South Carolina. To see what other states offer, read 3 Ways to File a Free State Income Tax Return.

Most, but not all, state tax software found on these websites require you to fill out an online form instead of completing a tax interview. The form is then printed and mailed in, or submitted online. These forms usually do calculations for you. You will also find links to the IRS Free File program, which provides free tax software to many U.S. taxpayers, but not everyone.

The sites also have links to tax forms that you can print out and mail in to pay your taxes, and if you want more guidance through your tax return, you can also use tax software to file your federal and state return.

New Mexico

United States income tax.
US Income Taxes. Getty Images / Joseph Clark

Taxpayers in New Mexico can use New Mexico WebFile or Taxpayer Access Point (TAP) to file state income taxes for free. If WebFile is used, tax payments need to be remitted when the return is submitted, while TAP lets you make your payment later after filing. More

New York

The state of New York does not offer free online income tax filing for citizens but instead provides links to the IRS Free File program (which has age, income and other restrictions) and a list of tax software approved by the state. Many of the approved tax software options have free versions, usually for simple returns, and paid versions.

North Carolina

The North Carolina Department of Revenue does not offer any way to file income taxes online but instead provides links to an explanation of what eFile is. You can check the status of a state tax refund or make tax payments, though. More

North Dakota

File North Dakota state taxes for free with Fillable Forms, which looks like a state tax form and is filled out online and then filed electronically. North Dakota Fillable Forms does not have a tax interview as is found in traditional tax software but will work well for simpler returns or for residents who have filed many returns in the past. To use Fillable Forms, you must have filed a return last year and must not be claiming these credits: Family Member Care Credit, Renaissance Zone Credit, Planned Gift/Qualified Endowment Credit, Mobilized Employee Credit, and Housing Incentive Fund Credit. More


Taxpayers in Ohio can prepare a free state tax return using I-File, which presents a wizard which asks a series of questions to complete the return. The State of Ohio also offers an ePayment system for paying taxes by credit card or electronic check, and payments can be post-dated.

If you've used the tax eForms to file Ohio state income taxes in the past, these are no longer available. More


While the Oklahoma Tax Commission endorses filing state income taxes electronically, it does not provide a free online method for doing so. The eFile page lists approved tax software, some of which have free versions that are usually adequate for simpler returns. There's also a link to Free File tax software that works with an Oklahoma state return after the federal return is complete. More


The only option for filing a free Oregon state tax return is to use Oregon Free Fillable Forms, which looks just like the paper state tax forms and includes no tax interview as is found in tax software. With Fillable Forms, you choose the income tax form and schedules required for your return and then fill them in online. The return is then eFiled. This method only does basic calculations for you.

The Oregon Department of Revenue includes a link to IRS Free File options. Depend on the online tax software options under the Free File program, you may or may not qualify, depending on income, age, and other criteria. More


The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue offers pa direct file as a way for citizens to file and pay state income tax. pa direct file works for most taxpayers, but can't be used if income has been derived from farming, if you're filing for another tax year, you claim income on PA Schedule W or for a few other reasons. TeleFile is another option that's offered, as well as PA/IRS, but this links to paid software that will file both a state and federal return. More

Rhode Island

Rhode Island does not directly offer a way to complete and file your taxes. Instead, the Division of Taxations provides links to Free File online tax software, which is free if you fit the listed qualifications. More

South Carolina

South Carolina touts free online federal and state income filing, but the offerings are actually from the IRS Free File program and not everyone qualifies for this. The Department of Revenue lists several low-cost tax software alternatives that will work for just about everyone. More