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Figo Pet Insurance

 Figo Pet Insurance

overall rating

Our Take 

Figo is an innovative insurance and technology company that combines pet insurance coverage with online support services for pet owners. Although the company doesn't offer preventative care plans or discounts, it boasts low premiums for accidents and illnesses. 

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  • Key Takeaways
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Pros & Cons
  • 24/7 online access to vets

  • Social app for pet owners

  • Short waiting periods 

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Rider required to cover exams

  • No accident-only policy

Key Takeaways
  • Figo offers pet insurance for cats and dogs combined with 24/7 online vet support.
  • Accident claims can be filed just three days after enrollment.
  • An online community connects pet owners with each other, healthcare professionals, and local pet-friendly businesses.
  • Year Founded 2015
  • Deductible $100 to $750
  • Types of Services Available Accident and illness insurance
  • Official Website
Figo Pet Insurance

 Figo Pet Insurance

overall rating

Figo offers basic pet insurance policies for cats and dogs that cover accidents and illnesses. You also get access to a network of support services and fellow pet parents through an innovative cloud-based platform built exclusively for pet owners.        

We review Figo’s coverage details and exclusions, add-on services, discount pricing, customer service, third-party ratings, and more to help you decide if its plans are right for you. 

Company Overview: Pet Insurance With a Tech Twist

Figo was founded in 2015 to take advantage of the latest innovations in insurance and technology (insurtech). The company combines pet insurance with an online network that lets users engage with other pet owners, discover and locate pet services, and access licensed veterinary professionals online at any time.

Figo offers deductibles as low as $100 with no age limits for pets and waiting periods as short as three days. The company also lets you choose from $5,000, $10,000, or unlimited annual coverage limits, and up to 100% reimbursement for vet bills. Figo will also automatically renew your policy each year until you cancel it.    

Figo gets very good ratings on both Trustpilot and Yelp. Nearly 85% of the reviews on Trustpilot are five-star reviews, with customers commenting on the company’s fast claims process and excellent customer service. Complaints on Yelp mostly involve customers complaining of sharply increased premiums for aging pets, a practice common with many pet insurers. 

Figo’s pet insurance policies are underwritten by three different insurers: Independence American Insurance Company (AM Best rating of A-) the Markel American Insurance Company (AM Best rating of A), and the Markel Insurance Company (AM Best rating of A).

Policies Available: Accident and Illness

Figo offers basic accident and illness coverage for cats and dogs. You can start by choosing from three plans with set annual limits: Essential ($5,000), Preferred ($10,000), and Ultimate (unlimited). From there, you can customize your plan with a $100, $250, $500, or $750 deductible and 70%, 80%, or 90% reimbursement for covered vet services.  

Figo’s waiting periods are slightly shorter than those of other pet insurers. You can file an accident claim just one day after enrollment and an illness claim 14 days after. There is an additional six-month waiting period for knee conditions. 

Any claims filed before the waiting periods expire will be automatically denied.   

In addition to annual coverage limits, Figo offers unlimited lifetime benefits on any of its plans.

You can receive coverage for the following conditions and services:

  • Knee conditions (including ACL)
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Surgeries
  • Prescription medications
  • Veterinary specialist treatments
  • Imaging
  • Veterinary exam fees (optional)
  • Non-routine dental services (accident only)
  • Prosthetic and orthotic devices
  • Chiropractic and acupuncture
  • Behavioral
  • Euthanasia and cremation
  • Emergency services
  • Hospitalization
  • Laboratory and diagnostic testing
  • Hereditary and congenital conditions
  • Chronic conditions
  • Cancer treatments

Other Add-Ons: Veterinary Exam Fees Coverage 

Figo doesn’t automatically cover exam or consultation fees related to covered conditions. This seems like an odd omission since an exam or consultation is almost always required with a vet visit for a specific concern.

To offset this, Figo offers a Veterinary Exam Fees for Accident and Illness Visits rider for a few additional dollars each month. However, this rider only covers exam fees related to accidents or injuries, not routine, wellness, or preventative visits.

Figo has also recently introduced an Orthopedic Conditions waiver that eliminates the six-month orthopedic condition waiting period upon request. The company is also introducing an optional Wellness Rider for preventative coverage alongside our Extra Care Pack and Exam Fee power-ups.


Don’t forget to add Figo’s Veterinary Exam Fees for Accident and Illness Visits rider to your policy or you’ll be footing the bill for your next office visit.

Unique Features: Figo Pet Cloud

Figo is one of the few pet insurers to leverage the growing insurtech industry to provide tech solutions to its customers. The company’s Pet Cloud mobile app offers clever ways to manage your pet’s health, connect to other pet owners, find pet services, and more.

Figo’s Pet Cloud gives you 24/7 access to licensed veterinary professionals via live chat when you need an immediate answer. You can also submit claims, upload documents, set reminders for important events, and share your pet’s medical records with anyone you want.

Pet Cloud also offers a social platform you can use to connect to other pet owners; you can easily discover who's around you, chat, share photos, and plan pet playdates. You can use the app to find pet parks, pet daycare, hikes and trails, pet-friendly restaurants, dog walkers, and more. 

Plan Exclusions: Pre-Existing Conditions 

As with nearly all pet insurers, Figo doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. These are determined during the initial review of your pet’s medical records. If you can’t provide documentation of your pet’s annual health exam within 12 months before your policy began, Figo may use the information from your pet’s next exam to determine pre-existing conditions.

However, Figo may cover pre-existing conditions that are considered curable if they show no signs or symptoms within 12 months of last treatment

In addition to pre-existing conditions, these services are excluded from coverage:     

  • Routine, wellness, or preventative care
  • Spaying or neutering
  • Dental cleanings
  • Prescription food
  • Experimental procedures
  • Breeding, pregnancy, or delivery
  • Cloned pets or cloning procedures
  • Cosmetic surgery

A note about prescription food: If the Exam Fee power-up is selected upon purchase, Figo will cover up to $250 of any special diet prescribed by a licensed veterinarian

Cost: Semi-Customizable Policies With Low Premiums

Figo offers three accident and illness policies based on a set annual benefits limit, with the option to customize your deductible and reimbursement. While the company lets you choose between paying your premium monthly or annually, it offers no discounts for doing so.  However, to make coverage more affordable, for each year that a customer is claim free, their annual deductible will be reduced by $50 upon policy renewal until it results in a $0 deductible

Here’s a quick breakdown of two policy quotes we obtained on Figo’s website, which were nearly half as much as the quotes we reviewed from at least six other pet insurers.   

Accident and illness insurance for a three-year-old, female, mixed-breed dog, 21–50 lbs., with $10,000 coverage, a $500 deductible, and 80% reimbursement came to $25.13 per month. Adding the Veterinary Exam Fees for Accident and Illness Visits rider adds only $4.31 per month, for a total of $29.44 per month. 

Accident and illness insurance for a one-year-old, male, American longhair cat, with $10,000 coverage, a $500 deductible, and 80% reimbursement came to $18.63 per month. Adding the Veterinary Exam Fees for Accident and Illness Visits rider adds only $3.20 per month, for a total of $21.83 per month. 

As with most insurers, your price will vary based on the age and breed of your pet, the coverage you choose, and any additional features you opt to include.

Customer Service: Online, App, and Text Support

Figo offers customer support via phone, email, text, fax, or online chat. You can submit claims using the online portal or mobile app. 

Phone, chat, and text customer support is available Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CST. Text-only support is also available Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. CST.      


Figo offers some of the lowest premiums we’ve seen for the most basic accident and illness insurance policy.

Competition: Figo vs. Embrace 

We compared Figo to Embrace Pet Insurance to determine the differences between a no-frills provider and one that offers much more.

Like Figo, Embrace offers accident and illness coverage. Unlike Figo, however, it lets you customize a policy any way you want. That means you could create a plan with a $200 deductible, $30,000 in annual coverage, and 90% reimbursement or one with a $1,000 deductible, $5,000 in annual coverage, and 70% reimbursement.

Most notably, however, Embrace also offers an accident-only policy as well as an add-on wellness rider. It also covers dental procedures in addition to prescription medications with its most basic accident and illness policy. 

Looking at the pricing below, you can see that for $15 more per month, Embrace gives you the same accident and illness insurance as Figo but it also includes a wellness plan option. You can even lower that amount with discounts stackable up to 25%, whereas Figo offers no such discounts.

  Figo Embrace
Animals Covered Dogs and cats Dogs and cats
Deductibles $28.93 to insure a two-year-old dog with 80% coverage, a $10,000 annual limit, a $500 deductible, and veterinary and exam fee coverage $42.77 to insure a two-year-old dog with 80% coverage, a $10,000 annual limit, a $500 deductible, and $250 in wellness coverage
Coverage Type Accident and illness Accident-only, accident and illness, wellness
Waiting Period Accidents: Three days
Illnesses: 14 days
Accidents: Two days
Illnesses: 14 days
Network Size Any licensed vet in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada Any licensed vet in the U.S.

Although plans like Embrace's offer more comprehensive policies for only a few dollars more per month, you can get decent, basic coverage with a larger provider network through Figo.

Final Verdict: Great Premiums, Simple Coverage

Figo has made a genuine attempt to distinguish itself in the pet insurance marketplace with mixed results. On the one hand, it offers some of the lowest premiums we’ve seen without any restrictions other than the lifetime limits of its low- and middle-tier policies. On the other hand, its failure to provide an accident-only policy or a wellness rider puts it behind the competition, based on our methodology

We do like how Figo uses technology to make it easier to submit claims and documents, access live vets any time of day or night, and connect to local pet services and pet-friendly businesses. The online community with photo sharing and chat is also fun. 

We wish Figo would replace its tiered plans with a fully customizable policy builder as we’ve seen other pet insurers use. Its separation of vet exam and consultation fee reimbursement in an additional rider also doesn’t make sense to us since it only adds a few dollars to each policy and could easily be included with standard coverage.

While you could shop around for better coverage, you’d be hard-pressed to find what Figo offers elsewhere for the same price.

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