Fiat Ads Are Pitch-Perfect With Engaging Content

A Great Commercial Will Be Remembered, Referenced, and Retold

For discriminating consumers who love classics: The Fiat 500 1957 Edition. Courtesy Fiat USA

Some brands are better at creating great commercials than others, and it is not always because they have a larger budget for their creative department or the film crew.  The amount of money that a brand has available for airing a commercial can certainly be a factor in determining whether the ad is popular.  But advertising budget is not the determinate factor.  And when creatives behave like mavericks, ignoring the issue of messaging relevance, creativity can take away more from the ad success formula than it adds.


Fiat USA is one of those brands that understands its audience and sets a course to produce advertising that is true to the brand.   For the fun of it - and to take a good look at top advertising form, check out these Top 5 Fiat Commercials.

The Richards Group in Dallas created the Fiat commercial affectionately known as The Immigrants. It is the third commercial associated with the introduction of the Fiat to America and the first Fiat commercial to feature all three members of the Fiat USA brand lineup in a single spot: Fiat 500, Fiat 500c (for Cabrio, or convertible) and Fiat Abarth.  The ad is so charming - and apparently so compelling - that the words “Fictionalization. Do not attempt.” are superimposed on-screen, presumably just in case some viewers of the ad are inspired to try driving their own vehicle submerged in deep water.

I hesitate to mention it to those who feel deep affection for the Fiat, but a total of six actual cars were harmed during the making of the Fiat Commercial.

 The Giallo (that is Italian for yellow) Fiat Sport was dropped from a crane to fall 70 feet before hitting the water.  When the waves were too rough for a track to be placed in the water, the Abarth was driven off a pier by a stunt driver, right into the water.  Three scuba divers were ready in case they were needed - they were not.

 Other Fiats were pulled into the water by boat, tractor, and tow truck.

The Fiat commercial showed the new Fiat 500 emigrating from Italy to the United States, which meant that the cameras were rolling in Manhattan and Brooklyn – and captured the New Jersey skyline.  Filming in New York was easier because the weather was more conducive to outdoor shots.  While much of The Immigrants commercial was shot in Italy in order to capture the scenic beauty, stormy weather seemed to follow the crew wherever they went. For 12 days, while the crew shot footage of Amalfi, Atrani, Furore, Majori, and Minori – all along the Amalfi Coast. That lightening struck just 200 yards from where the crew was filming is testimony to their commitment to making an outstanding commercial for Fiat.

Brand Affinity Boosted by Corporate Social Responsibility

Fiat participates in the Expo Milano 2015 event, an innovative Universal Exposition that is also a globally participatory process.  A large number of active players around the world focus on the theme of Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.  Expo Milano is a statement of corporate social responsibility for participating businesses and organizations.  The event is a manifestation of the thematic concept emphasizes and incorporates sustainable technology.

  For a total of 184 days, from May 1 to October 31, 2013, Expo Milano will host more than 140 participants and over 20 million visitors on the exposition site that covers one million square meters. 

Fiat is an important participant in the Expo Milano 2015 as Fiat Chrysler automobiles will supply a fleet of vehicles that are designed to provide sustainable mobility. The Fiat 500L is equipped with a methane powered engine and it, along with other Fiats will be used for Expo area transportation and for car-sharing for the visiting delegations from around the globe. 


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