Federal Tax Forms

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Here are links to the most common tax forms needed to prepare your income tax returns. All tax forms are in the portable document format (PDF) and require Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can use Acrobat Reader to view the documents and print documents. Most of the IRS forms also allow you to type in your information and save a copy with your data to your computer.

The best IRS web resource by far is Publication 17, which covers information relevant to most tax situations. (It is also available as a downloadable PDF document.)

Form 1040 and Form 1040-SR

Taxpayers born before 1956 qualify to use the 1040-SR tax form, while individuals born in 1957 and later use Form 1040.

Schedules Related to Form 1040:

Other Supporting 1040 Forms:

Simplified tax return forms 1040-EZ and 1040-A have been retired by the IRS and are no longer in use. Most taxpayers will use a standard form 1040.

Where to Find Prior Years' Tax Forms

The IRS has an archive of tax forms, instructions, and publications, accessible on the Prior Year Products page on its Web site.