Fictional Forensic Scientist Favorites

Television, movies, comic books, and literature have given us some wonderfully interesting characters, but there may be few more compelling than those scientists who offer their services to hep solve a crime. Some are villains, ​some are heroes, and some are just there. But all of them are both fascinating and entertaining. Enjoy this light look, in no particular order, at some of our most favorite - though fictional - forensic scientists.

The CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Team

Philip Ramey/Corbis/Getty Images

Few - if any - television shows and movies have done more to popularize forensic science than CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The CSI team at the Las Vegas Police Department has inspired thousands of people to want to explore a career in forensics.

They've also possibly impacted the criminal justice system by placing unrealistic expectations about police crime-solving capabilities in the minds of potential jurors.

Barry Allen - AKA The Flash

Before he was gifted with the power of supersonic speed, Barry Allen was already doing his part to help fight crime in Central City. As a talented forensic scientist and crime scene investigator, the Flash's alter-ego helped the Central City Police Department by collecting evidence at the scene of the crime and running analysis at his forensics lab.

In fact, had he not been a forensic scientist first, Barry may never have become the Flash. It was a combination of a lightning strike and chemicals in his lab that gave him the power of super-speed he is so famous for.

Edward Nygma - AKA The Riddler

This socially awkward former crime scene investigator got his start helping the police of Gotham City solve the crimes that plague the town. 

Unfortunately, Ed has proven to be a twisted as he is smart. Now, he uses his gifted mind to find ways to outsmart Gotham's other super-famous forensic scientist.

Bruce Wayne - AKA Batman

What do you get when you mix a brilliant mind, a sense of duty, a taste for vengeance, nearly unsurpassed martial arts skills and seemingly unlimited financial resources? How about the World's Greatest Detective.

Bruce Wayne is more than just an action-packing superhero. His crime-solving skills are unmatched in the Detective Comics universe, where his advanced technology allows him to gather and analyze evidence to solve crimes and track super villains.

Dexter Morgan

We're not quite sure what it is about forensic scientists in fiction, but a lot of them sure do seem to have a dark side. That's definitely the case for Dexter Morgan, a Miami Metro Police Department bloodstain pattern analyst and forensic science technician.

Though he does his part to help his police detectives solve crimes, he also takes advantage of his special knowledge of forensics to meet some vigilante justice of his own as he secretly murders criminals and covers up his crimes.

Dr. Hannibal Lecter - AKA Hannibal the Cannibal

As an expert in human psychology and behavior, forensic psychologist Dr. Hannibal Lecter of Red Dragon, The Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal fame, is brilliant criminal profiler who helps FBI special agents identify and find dangerous serial killers.

Dr. Lecter had a secret of his own, though. A brutal serial killer himself, Hannibal the Cannibal used his gifted mind to lure victims and covered his tracks until one intrepid agent put the puzzle pieces together.

Sherlock Holmes

Possibly the most famous detective in the history of fiction, Sherlock Holmes has mesmerized millions with his uncanny ability to deduce information about nearly every aspect of a person's life by observing the most minute and mundane details.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's brilliant investigator may have done more to advance the idea that physical evidence and the scientific method can solve a crime than any other fictional character. At the same time, he's inspired generations of people to want to become detectives and crime scene investigators themselves,

Forensic Science Careers Are Even More Fascinating in Real Life

Fictional stories may be more entertaining, but real life is so much more fascinating. If any of these make-believe scientists inspire you, may it's time you considered working toward your own career in forensic science.