Specialty Pharmaceutical Companies

Little Companies Making a Big Impact on Patients

Some of the biggest innovations in the healthcare industry are being made by small pharmaceutical companies, some with fewer employees than a single department in one of the larger pharmaceutical companies.

By focusing on niche markets and therapeutic areas, these little smaller businesses are making a big impact on patients. From treating illnesses that affect only a handful of the population to focusing entirely on one disease state or stage, these companies are showing how a targeted approach can get results. 

In addition to including some of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies, this list also includes several companies—mainly information technology enterprises—engaged in supporting pharmaceutical development and sales.

US WorldMeds

Non-narcotics can help with Opiate abuse
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US WorldMeds is a specialty pharmaceutical company based in Louisville, Kentucky. Its marketed products include treatments for malignant hyperthermia, cervical dystonia, and hypomobility in Parkinson's disease. It also makes Lofexidine, a non-narcotic drug for reducing opiate withdrawal symptoms, a growing area of concern as opiates continue to be abused.

Elorac Inc.

Medical Research at a Specialty Pharmaceutical Lab
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Elorac Inc., a specialty pharmaceutical company based in Vernon Hills, Illinois, develops and markets drug products for the U.S. dermatology and oncology drug markets. It makes Zithranol-RR, a non-steroidal cream used to treat mild to moderate plaque psoriasis, and Virasal used to treat and remove plantar warts. 

Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

lab researcher developing new drugs
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Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc., based in New Jersey, is a niche pharmaceutical company developing non-opioid products for managing post-surgical pain.

Products include DepoCyt(e), an injectable, sustained-release form of cytarabine for the treatment of lymphomatous meningitis, and Exparel, a local analgesic.

It also developed DepoFoam, a novel drug delivery method which encapsulates drugs and then releases them over a set time period ranging from 1 to 30 days. 


Veterinarian giving puppy medicine
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Putney, based in Michigan, creates high-quality generic medications for pets. From pain relief medications to antibiotics, they produce drugs used in veterinarians' offices around the country.

Its products include Proxetil, used for skin infections in dogs and Carprofen, used to treat canine osteoarthritis and given for some post-surgery pain.

The Portland, Maine-based company was acquired by UK-based veterinary pharma company Dechra in 2016.

Vets First Choice/Covetras

Labrador dog lying next to bottle of pills and medication delivered to his owner's home
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Vets First Choice, located in Portland, Maine, is an online veterinary partner-pharmacy and marketing service provider that provides home delivery of FDA-approved pharmaceuticals, therapeutic diets and compounded medications to pet owners on behalf of veterinary practices. 

In February of 2019, Vets First Choice and Henry Schein Animal Health joined together to form Covetras.

Clinipace Worldwide

Scientist examining experimental drug results in petri dishes
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Clinipace Worldwide is a contract research organization (CRO) based in Morrisville, NJ, that conduct trials of experimental drugs for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. 

Integrated Prescription Management

Pharmacist talking to customer about prescription
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Integrated Prescription Management in Fresno, California,  is a prescription benefit manager. It provides services for employers, third-party administrators, and brokers. 

Noble Rx Marketing

Pre-filled injectable syringes
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Noble’s team has developed training devices and onboarding platforms for the industry’s leading manufacturers of autoinjectors, prefilled syringes, on-body, and respiratory devices.


Clinical trial with doctor, technician and patient
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Greenphire, headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, develops and manages proprietary payment technologies for the clinical trial industry. An extremely competitive area, clinical trials are the focal point for many pharmaceutical companies, making Greenphire highly sought after. 

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