Family Finances

From budgeting as your family grows to having productive conversations about savings goals and debt management, managing money as a family can be hard. With these resources, learn the fundamentals and tactics necessary to manage your family finances with ease.

Father holding baby as it sleeps on his shoulder
Don’t Become a Parent Until You’ve Hit These Money Milestones
Mom sitting on floor working on her family's budget on laptop while her baby plays in a bouncer seat
7 Helpful Tips for Living on a Budget
Couple working on a budget sitting on a living room sofa with a laptop on the coffee table
How to Budget as a Couple Without Fighting
Father and daughter counting dollars and coins at table
Best Custodial Accounts of 2021
Young man wearing apron uses touch-screen computer to place order
Conversations To Have Once Your Teen Starts Earning Money
Lesbian same sex wedding party.
If I Marry Someone With Debt Does It Become Mine?
Two children counting coins together on the floor
When Paying Kids an Allowance, Parents Should Know How Much to Offer
Image shows someone working at a desk, a young woman walking with three young children, and two young kids writing and painting. Text reads: "Alternatives to daycare: work from home; nanny shares with friends or families with kids; using on-site daycare at your work"
How to Budget for Daycare or Alternative Childcare Costs
Stressed Parents Trying To Figure Out The Household Bills
Breakdown of Average Monthly Household Expenses
A male couple with their toddler
Domestic Partnership vs. Marriage: What's the Financial Difference?
Parents and their child talking to a financial adviser about setting up a checking account
Here Is What to Know About Setting up a Checking Account for Your Kids
mom, dad, and son standing in living room looking at something on computer
Money 101: Teaching Teens and Gen Z
Mom helping daughter ride a bike
How to Set Up Your Family Budget When You Start a Family
Single mother packing her small son for school.
Alimony vs. Child Support: What's the Difference?
Close shot of woman saving money in the little pig
Baby's First Savings Account
Illustration showing the pros and cons of joint bank accounts such as streamlined legal affairs and the danger of a messy breakup
Should Couples Have Joint or Separate Bank Accounts?
Mother giving daughter pocket money
Gift Money to Your Kids the Smart Way
Mother and her daughter using a laptop for home shopping
How Debit Cards Can Teach Kids About Money Management Early
A serious daughter talks to her mother as they sort through financial papers at a table holding a calculator, stacks of papers, and coffee mugs
A Guide to Coping With Your Parent's Finances When They Die
A man wearing a suit kisses a woman in bridal gown holding a bouquet at an outdoor wedding
How to Manage Your Finances as a Newly-Married Couple
a father and son talking
How to Begin Helping Your Parents Financially
Couple disagreeing over a budget item.
Stick to Your Budget Despite a Spendy Spouse
Young father and his cute small daughter having fun with digital tablet on couch.
What You Need to Know About Child Support Modification
Pre-school childcare teacher helping little girl
Help! I Can't Afford Child Care
Senior parents sitting with adult couple
What Should I Do When My Parents Ask Me for Money?
Comparsion of the cost of foster care, international adoption, and private adoption.
What's the Average Cost of Adoption?
Couple signing contract
KISS Trusts and How They Work
Woman working at table with a laptop and a calculator
How Are Child Support Payments Calculated?
couple arguing on the couch
Your Guide to the Most Common Financial Issues of a Divorce
father and daughter sitting at kitchen counter discussing finances in front of computer
How To Talk to Your Teen About Debt
Wedding ring exchange
How to Figure out What to Spend on Your Wedding
Couple fighting over finances
How to Deal With Financial Infidelity
Mom taking daughter to school
What Single Parents Should Know About Child Support
Children stacking coins
Try a Few of These Fun Coin Games to Teach Kids About Money and Math
past due bill
The Single Parent's Guide to Spending Less and Saving More
two women with long brown curly hair looking at a document on a computer
How To Add Your Teen to Your Car Insurance
Young couple going over their financial budget to determine if they can live off of one income while sitting on their couch
How Two-Income Couples Can Turbo-Charge Savings Living on One Paycheck
Mixed race children playing board game together
The 7 Best Board Games for Teaching Kids About Money
Learn How to Set Up a Household Budget While Living Together
Young woman amputee using laptop on living room floor
How Parental Disability Impacts Child Support
A father and son look at a computer.
How To Prepare Your Teen for Their First Job
Young Tattoed Mother With Newborn Baby
Planning for Your Financial Future as a Stay-at-Home Parent
A happy couple balances their commingled finances
3 Strategies for Combining Finances When Engaged or Moving in Together
Couple sitting on a sofa with a coffee table holding files and a laptop balancing their checking account
Should You and Your Spouse Have Joint or Separate Checking Accounts?
Young man sitting at kitchen table with hands on face
My Spouse Lied to Me About My Finances - What Do I Do?
Daughter With Mother Depositing Bank Slip Through Mobile Phone
Kids and Money: 14 Lessons
a couple being served in a restaurant
Budgeting and Sharing Expenses as a Couple With Separate Accounts
A family sits and talks around the dinner table
College or Work After High School? Cost Considerations for Parents
Bride and groom at wedding
3 Ways To Handle Your Finances When You Get Married
mother using laptop with two young kids in background
What You Need to Know Before You Open a Savings Account for Your Child
Father and children having breakfast in kitchen
5 Financial Moves to Make as a Single-Income Family
Illustration of a husband and wife heading down two separate paths as they divorce
How Women Can Prepare Financially for Divorce
A couple review their finances with a calculator.
Should You Reject Someone Based on Financial Incompatibility?
Little girl volunteers with her family at a soup kitchen
Tips for Teaching Kids About Charity
Parents and son talking with a banker as they open a savings account.
Here Are Some Tips on Opening a Savings Account for a Teenager.
Man and woman in the park
Don't Let a Breakup Ruin Your Finances
A young couple managing their budget
Tips for Talking With Your Partner About Finances
Couple using laptop at kitchen table while they work on the family budget
How to Talk About Money With Your Spouse
College students studying on lawn
Here's What to Know About How to Use Savings Bonds to Pay for College
Baby sleeping in crib
Can You Afford to Become a Parent?

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