Facebook Video Marketing Strategies

Facebook Video Marketing
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Many Internet marketers today are still hesitant to use video as an integral part of their online marketing mix. Chances are that they just don't see the point of the medium for their business, given the way some people use it for frivolous purposes.

However, too many businesses ignore the value of Facebook marketing at their peril. People (hence consumers) spend more time on Facebook than any other website in the world, close to eight hours per month per person for half a billion users.

A lot of these people are looking at Facebook videos and basing their purchasing decisions on what they see. So why not use it to influence people and get a piece of the action?

Here are some compelling reasons to devote at least some resources to this essential marketing medium.

1. Tapping into the U.S. Online Market

No matter what others say, making it big online still means tapping into the American market. The United States is still home to the world's largest economy and its biggest consumer market. The influential, tech-savvy 18 to 34 year old demographic spends close to nine hours per week on Facebook; even the 55+ crowd uses it four and a half hours weekly. Whether chatting, writing comments or linking to outside articles, Americans love visual media and willingly tap into Facebook's vast reservoir of video material posted and shared by friends and popular brands.

2. The Growing influence of Mobile Marketing

As more and more people move away from the desktop and onto mobile devices, marketers will have to adjust their strategies to adapt to this new reality.

A hundred-fifty million Facebook users are already mobile app-driven, which means that long format copywriting and even traditional e-mail communication – though still important – may have to make space for video.

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By adapting your message to the video mobile medium, you can establish a beach head on the smartphones, notepads and tablets from all the major players like Apple and Samsung.

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3. A Trend that will not Disappear!  

Video marketing as a business tool has evolved over the past decade and shows no sign of slowing down. Today's estimates of Facebook video use are staggering: 3.5 billion video views per day (over 20% of all views) and an estimated one billion viewers monthly. Even getting a small fraction of these “eye-views” for your chosen niche market is tantamount to achieving many of your marketing goals.

Just consider the various options you have to share your message using Facebook videos:

  • Video sales letters.
  • Instructional or explainer video clips.
  • Affiliate marketing video reviews.

And much, much more...

4. Good Way to go Viral and Win Over Fans

Among several powerful Facebook video strategies that you can employ is the ability to attract people who are not currently 'Fans' to 'Like' your video and become fans. Anyone can have access to your video on your home page or a Fan page, for example, and if your video impresses them enough, they can click on a 'Like' button as it proceeds.

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Video marketing is not only the wave of the future, it is here – NOW!

In addition to posting them on YouTube and your personal websites, why not consider Facebook? It combines the quality and precision of your business message with the power of viral social marketing, and can enhance your standing amongst peers.

Facebook video marketing is a surefire way to gain followers and prospects, grow your subscriber lists, build new business relationships and eventually get more sales. No matter how big or small, Internet entrepreneurs worldwide are exploiting this powerful and inexpensive means of getting your message out.

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