Advice and Expert Tips for Preparing for Your Job Interview

A resource list for preparing for your upcoming technical job interview

Technical interviews and general job interviews can be very stressful, but you can mitigate some of that stress by planning ahead. In order to prepare for your next job interview, review these interview tips, sample interview questions and answers, and behavioral interviewing guidelines. There are specific examples here of technical and behavioral interview questions that are typically found in technical companies and interviewing for technology careers. These interview tips will help you ace your next job interview!

Interview tips when interviewing at startups

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This article breaks down the process of interviewing at a startup company. It starts off with tips for interview preparation, moves into the interview itself, and then concludes by going over the follow-up. It gives specific examples of situations you might be asked about, tips for how to dress and act, and question ideas to ask your interviewers. More

Behavior Based Interviewing Tips

This article covers tips on behavior-based interviewing, which essentially revolves around examples of how you handled certain situations in your past (e.g. “a time you defused a conflict” or “a time you took leadership of a project”). It includes sample behavioral interviewing questions and guidelines for answering them, and talks about how to prepare for these kinds of questions. More

Guidelines for Success

Job interview guidelines for a successful interview. This article mostly focuses on some of the “intangible” success factors, such as body language, personal grooming, clothing choices, eye contact, etc., rather than interview questions or your “hard skills”. More

Examples of Questions You May Be Asked

Here are 18 common interview questions you may be asked. It’s worth reviewing all of these and practicing answers before your next interview. Includes problem-solving, behavioral, motivational and general interview questions. More

Interview Questions to Ask

Interviewers expect you to have questions for them. Here are examples of interview questions to ask. The interview questions are split into sections, with different questions to ask depending on who you are interviewing with: hiring managers, peer-level interviewers, HR/recruiters, or start-ups. More

Illegal Interview Questions

Examples of common illegal interview questions. These questions often seem innocent but can be used to discriminate illegally in making hiring decisions. It is within your rights not to answer these if they are asked More

How to Respond to Illegal Interview Questions

This article can be read as a follow-up to #6, discussing how to identify illegal interview questions, as well as how to respond to them, if you should at all. (Pro tip: be as diplomatic about it as possible.) More

The Purpose of Phone Interviews for Tech Jobs

Technical interviews over the phone may seem off… But there are reasons why they may want to vet you before the face-to-face interview. Two big ones: to see if you are a good communicator and to determine if you are a good culture fit. More

Tips for a Successful Tech Job Phone Interview

This article gives you 7 ways you can prepare and excel at your technical phone interview, including rehearsing ahead of time, picking a quiet location, and remembering the importance of listening (especially since there are no body language cues to pick up on!). More

How to Interview for a Tech Job After Being Fired

Interviewing for new positions after being fired is tough. This article shares tips for interviewing after you’ve been fired. As always, honesty is always the best policy; however, watch your tone so you don’t come off as negative or bitter. Make your answers as concise as possible so you can quickly move on to focusing on your skills and what you can bring to the company. More

4 Tips To Prepare For Your Upcoming Web Development Interview

Interview advice and ways to prepare specifically for web developers, including brushing up on HTML, CSS and (perhaps) JavaScript. It also goes over the reasons you should keep your portfolio updated.   More


These resources will get you ready to dominate your upcoming interview. Remember, confidence is key, so if you're still feeling nervous or unprepared, just fake it til you make it. Stand up straight and go in with a smile.