Expand Your Global Reach with Streaming Video

Four powerful self-streaming video apps

Expand your global reach with streaming video.

Want to take a video of something really important happening at your business and share it in real time with your worldwide network? Easy. Below I’ve researched four apps that allow you to stream video and chat with viewers. Some are better than others for business so be sure to investigate carefully. Think of it as experiencing a moment together in real time through a conversation you initiate. It’s powerful!

Give it a try and don’t forget to have some fun!   

1.  Meerkat

Platform: iOS and Android  
No. of users: As of Aug. 17, 2015, more than 2 million 

Meerkat’s story: “Life is unpredictable, and so is Meerkat. We want you to stream all of life’s special moments, from the cute, to the crazy, to the beautiful. There is an honesty in live video that isn’t offered by any other medium. We want you to embrace this candor, and use it to interact with your favorite people, unlike you do with any other product.”

What’s unique about Meerkat is that it doesn’t archive the streams you send out. They disappear once you are finished. 

Interesting tidbit: Notable users on Meerkat are Julie Louis-Dreyfus and Jimmy Fallon.

2.  Periscope

Platform: iOS and Android 
No. of users:  As of Aug.12, 2015, more than 10 million 

Periscope’s story: “Just over a year ago, we became fascinated by the idea of discovering the world through someone else’s eyes.

What if you could see through the eyes of a protester in Ukraine? Or watch the sunrise from a hot air balloon in Cappadocia? It may sound crazy, but we wanted to build the closest thing to teleportation.”

Twitter recently purchased Periscope (http://www.wsj.com/articles/twitter-acquires-live-video-streaming-startup-periscope-1425938498).

 With Periscope, you can opt for your streams to be viewed at the end of the broadcast. And since we are in the business of doing business with the world, Periscope also has a new feature, Global Map, with the potential of showing you the world in real time (https://medium.com/@periscope/skip-around-the-world-bd419f1ade3b#.2uvqn2jo5). With Skip Ahead in Replays, you have the ability to skip to whatever part of the video you are interested in or even just speed through the video in its entirety to get an idea of the whole thing (https://medium.com/@periscope/skip-around-the-world-bd419f1ade3b#.4u70horgq). 

Interesting tidbit: Notable users on Periscope are Ellen DeGeneres and Ryan Seacrest. 

3.  Twitch

Platform: iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Mac, PC, PlatStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 
No. of users: 100 million unique viewers per month (no date available)

Twitch.tv is a live streaming video platform owned by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Amazon.com.

Twitch’s story: “Founded in June 2011, Twitch is the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers. Each month, more than 100 million community members gather to watch and talk about video games with more than 1.7 million broadcasters.

Twitch’s live and video on demand platform caters to the entire video game industry, including game developers, publishers, media outlets, events, casual content creators, and the entire e-sports scene.”

Something to note: Twitch revolves around video games.

4.  YouNow

Platform: iOS, Android, web browser
No. of users: As of April 29, 2015, 100 million user sessions a month, with about 150,000 broadcasts daily

YouNow’s story: “We believe in the unlimited potential of human creativity. In fact, it’s why we come to work every day - to create a powerful platform where anyone can broadcast and express themselves in front of a vast live audience.”

Keep in mind that YouNow is heavily populated by teens. Users can earn money based on how many gifts they receive. Yes, you read that right.

YouNow services also sells virtual goods that can be given to their favorite performers.

The best way to determine which one of these apps is the best fit for your business is to try them out on a limited basis first because that will allow you to test the waters on where your audience is. Then, you will be able to gauge performance. If you get stuck on how to use these apps, follow YouNow content manager’s advice at “Become a YouNow Boss: 50 tips for Mastering ‘The Broadcast’” (http://blog.younow.com/post/37939191834/become-a-younow-boss-50-tips-for-mastering-the). A friendly reminder, you don’t want to use these apps for your business unless they add value to your existing network and bring in new, paying customers.

Photo Credit: garryknight