Excit Time Wasting Game

Screenshot of the free online game Excit

Excit is a great time waster for the nerd in all of us. It's a simple puzzle game that looks like a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Your goal is to get the cross to the green button as quickly as possible.

Each level of Excit gets more and more challenging, always keeping you on your toes.

How Much Time You Can Waste With Excit:

Excit will keep you busy for maybe an hour or two. It only has 30 levels so if you're especially good at the game it may not be as much of a time waster as you'd like it to be.

How to Play Excit:

Visit Excit and read the instructions or dive into the game. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to put the cross in motion. The cross will respond rather quickly to your command and not stop until it runs into the black cells. Once you've stopped the cross with a black set of cells you can then use another arrow key to set it in motion the other way.

The ultimate goal of Excit is to get the cross in the green cell as quickly as you can.

There's an Excit walkthrough available if you get stuck on a certain level and would like a little help.

Other Games Like Excit:

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What I Think About Excit:

Probably the best thing about Excit is that it is completely safe for work and it even makes it look like you're being productive. Although I was disappointed that there were only 30 levels therefore limiting game play, I had a great time playing it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a simple puzzle game that you can play anywhere.