Eviction Ban Enters Its Final Days

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That’s how many days are left on a nationwide eviction moratorium as renters behind on their payments face the end of one pandemic-era safety net measure—even as another becomes more user-friendly. 

The Centers For Disease Control moratorium, first put in place in September, mandates that renters cannot be physically evicted if they sign a statement that they’ve lost income and are at risk of homelessness. While certain places in the country still have their own eviction moratoriums in place, the end of the national eviction ban means less protection for people who aren’t caught up on rent. That’s about 7.4 million adults, according to the latest census poll taken June 23 through July 5. Of these, 3.6 million consider themselves likely to be evicted in the next two months, the Census Bureau estimated.

There is, however, a major lifeline still available for people struggling to pay their bills. It’s the $47 billion federal Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) program, which pays back rent, future rent, utility bills, and even moving expenses for renters hit by the pandemic’s economic downturn and its aftermath. While the local programs that administer the aid have been hindered by paperwork and lack of knowledge, the government launched a new Rental Assistance Finder website on Wednesday to make it easier to get help.

The new site is part of a push launched Wednesday by the White House, multiple federal agencies, and several private companies to raise awareness about the ERA, which at the end of June had distributed only $3 billion of its $47 billion allocation, according to the U.S Treasury.

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