Everything You Need to Know About Media Planner Jobs

The Job of a Media Planner

Media planners, also known as brand planners or brand strategists, work at advertising agencies and create clients' ad campaigns. The media planners interact somewhat with the creatives -- i.e. the copywriters creating the ads and the ad copy -- but predominantly with the clients making decisions about how a media campaign will unfold. A big part of the media planner’s job is to pick the right kinds of places (the correct TV shows, magazines and websites) to place different ads so that the client's product (and brand) is advertised to the correct audience.

How Do You Become a Media Planner?

You don’t need any specific training or a graduate degree to become a media planner, though many agencies do require a college degree or specialization in: communication and media studies, business or management, marketing, advertising, English and journalism, operational research, statistics, and other related areas. Ad agencies offer entry level positions in the area. 

What Skills Do You Need for the Job?

The main thing a media planner needs is a willingness, and eagerness, to learn about the advertising world. The job can be very social, because it entails working with clients, so an interest in socializing with colleagues and clients is important. Also key is an understanding of how marketing and advertising work. How can a client -- a company with a specific product -- best brand themselves? Media planners need to be able to devise strategies for branding and, to do so, they must know the entertainment world (what TV shows and magazines attract what audience) so they can place the ads appropriately.

Media planners need to know which shows, websites, magazines and other purveyors of entertainment will draw the client's desired audience.

While a lot of media planners will learn about the intricacies of the advertising world by working at an agency, bringing an interest to this aspect of media is key to success in a job like this.

Resources for Media Planners and Buyers

Get an edge on competitors by identifying and engaging top media planners and buyers in agencies all over the world. Kick start your job search with two resources:   

  1. AdAge Datacenter: A primary resource for business intelligence and media research. Build up your media buying and planning contacts with profiles of top advertisers, agencies and more!     
  2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Sales professionals use this navigator to find contacts and get referrals to important media brands.  

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