ESPN - 2016 Streak for the Cash Challenge

Win Monthly Prizes Worth Up to $35,000

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Do you have a good nose for how sporting events will turn out? Guess the outcomes of various sporting challenges, like who will win a game or whether points will be scored in a particular part of the game, and you could win $25,000 and other cash prizes every month in ESPN's 2016 Streak for the Cash Challenge.

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Residents of the United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, and Canada (void in Quebec), 18+

Start Date:

January 01, 2016

End Date:

December 31, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. ET

Entry Frequency:

1 x monthly per person/email

Sweepstakes Prizes:

Longest Streak Prizes (1 per month): $25,000 cash. (ARV: $25,000)

Bonus Prizes (up to 1 per month): $10,000 cash. (ARV: $10,000)

Most Wins Prizes (1 per month): $5,000 cash. (ARV: $5,000)

Additional Comments:

You must be a member of or one of their affiliated sites to enter. Membership is free and available online.

To enter, guess the outcomes of various sporting events. For example, you may guess that a certain number of goals will be scored during a soccer game, or that one team or another will win a hockey match, or that one basketball player will score more points than another.

The person who has the longest winning streak will win the grand prize each month.

The person who selects the most wins each month, even if they're not in a row, will receive the "Most Wins" prize.

The bonus prize will be awarded anytime a "Longest Streak" winner has more than 30 wins in their streak.

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