Eric Estevez

Eric Estevez

Accounting, Banking, Corporate Finance, Credit Cards, Debt, Economics, Financial Planning, Fintech, Loans, Personal Finance, Retirement, Taxes
Financial Professional
William Paterson University


  • Experience with both large and small business
  • Passionate & self taught in personal finance


After graduating college, Eric's first day on the job as a financial institution auditor was September 15, 2008. This was a traumatic day for the economy as the stock market crashed and several prominent banks found themselves in a tough situation. Eric continued this for several years before switching his focus to the world of taxation.

From about 2011 to present day, Eric has focused on Federal, State, and Local compliance for both large and small business. Along the way, he has developed his own theories and strategies, relating to personal finance. He currently serves as a financial professional for a large multinational corporation.

Prior to his current role, Eric has worked as a freelance writer and freelance bookkeeper. His work has been published for several websites, including