Using Empty Bottles To Create Plastic And Glass Fencing and Walls

Old plastic and glass bottles can be used to create glass fences and walls

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Glass bottle upcycling ideas

With an increasing number of people concerned with the impact they are having on the environment, it is becoming more important for us to consider the ways that items we no longer need can be reused. Following this line of thought, people are becoming increasingly interested in recovering and upcycling what one would normally think of as being the end of life products such as pallets, old clothing and a range of other items.

And while their use for upcycling projects has generated the same enthusiasm for upcycling as products such as old pallets, the same trend can potentially emerge for empty plastic and glass bottles.Empty bottles, for example, can be upcycled to create a number of projects, including attractive plastic and glass fencing. In this article, we have outlined the ways that this project can be achieved, as well as the importance of recycling.

Conventional Recycling and the Case for Repurposing Old Bottles

Conventional recycling of plastic bottles and glass is extremely important in diverting solid waste from landfills. Unfortunately, recycling rates are still unacceptably low in some areas. As opposed to ending up in landfills, upcycling bottles into projects such as fences, walls, and planters provide a useful and creative alternative.   

How can I create plastic or glass fencing?

If you would prefer to upcycle your empty plastic and glass bottles, I can show you how they can be turned into gorgeous fencing.

In our first example, colored bottles are threaded onto poles spaced evenly apart – whilst this barrier won’t stop animals from passing through, it does clearly indicate where one property ends and another begins. Use a diamond drill bit to make a hole in the bottom of each bottle, then simply thread the pole through the neck.

In my second example, the bottles are embedded in cement to make attractive yet solid glass fencing. The bottles themselves can be filled with cement, sand or another heavy substance or they can be left empty. Some people like to place little treasures inside the bottles so that they function like a time capsule. The bottles could be placed within a frame (which the cement is then applied to) or they can be roughly stacked on top of each other without a guide.

Aside from fences, bottles can also be used to create attractive walls. For example, at Little Corn Bed & Breakfast, on Little Corn Island in Nicaragua, empty plastic water bottles are set in concrete to make attractive walls that let in diffused light in bathrooms.

Actually, different shapes and colors of bottles can be combined in walls with breathtaking results in terms of beauty and creativity. To get an idea of the range of project possibilities and building techniques, visit one of the following sites:

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Now that you are aware of the ways that empty bottles can be used in the creation of attractive plastic and glass fencing, we hope that you think twice next time you’re about to throw that Coke bottle in the bin. Even if you would prefer to not turn your rubbish into fencing, please take the time to recycle your bottles, or to save them for someone else to reuse. Just think of all the different colored glass bottles there are around – wouldn’t they look pretty?

Marie Safel wrote this article on behalf of Dolphin Fencing.