10 Employee Gift Ideas to Show Your Appreciation

One of the most challenging parts of managing a staff is keeping up employee morale. In order to build a thriving team, every member of your staff should feel needed and appreciated. You can do this by sharing successes, recognizing good work, being open to new ideas, and of course, giving gifts.

This list of employee gift ideas will show your team members how much you truly appreciate them.

Business Card Case

employee gift
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A company business card is a staple for every employee who meets with clients, attends conferences and participates in other networking events. You can help your employees protect their cards and network in style with a trendy business card case they can take wherever they go.

Insulated Travel Mug

Many coffee drinkers will tell you that the first cup of coffee in the morning can set the tone for the entire day. This vacuum insulated travel mug will help your employees get their day started on the right foot by keeping their beverages hot all the way into the office. Look for one that's dishwasher safe, too.

Wall Calendar

While many of us have gone digital when it comes to schedules and time management, physical calendars will always be a useful tool in any office. An at-a-glance, full-year wall calendar has ample space for notes to help your employees plan their work and stay on top of the most important events.

Fountain Pen

Many small business owners frequently brainstorm ideas by grabbing a brand-new notepad and a high-quality pen. Ideas just tend to flow more freely. Give your employees a high-end fountain pen to inspire their creativity and encourage free thought.

Lunch Bag

A freezable personal cooler that can keep food cold without any ice or cold packs is a great lunch bag for employees who bring their lunch to work every day. Look for one that's PVC/lead-free, nontoxic, earth safe, and reusable.

Gift Basket

Gift baskets come in all sizes and configurations, making them it a gift for every small business budget. And whether it's chocolate, cheese, fruit, tea, wine, or junk food, there is a gift basket that's great for everyone. Show your employees how well you know them and how much you appreciate them by giving a gift basket filled with everything they love.

Electronic Cleaning Kit

Think about how many times during the day you wipe off your smartphone, clean your computer screen or remove dust from your printer. The constant need to clean is one of the universal parts—and annoyances—of using technology. That's why an electronic cleaning kit is a fitting gift to help employees keep their devices free from fingerprints, dust, and smudges.

Office Plant

You don't need a green thumb to appreciate and benefit from a lush green plant in your office. Consider a lily because it's beautiful, it's a natural air purifier and it will survive indoors even in areas with little light.

Leather Portfolio

A quality leather portfolio is useful not only for keeping meeting materials organized and accessible, but it can also show confidence and professionalism. A zippered portfolio with smaller separate pockets is a nice portfolio for your employees who often travel and attend meetings.

Relaxation Kit

Even the most enjoyable work environments can be stressful at times. That's the nature of business. But you can help your employees keep the stress at the office with a relaxation spa kit they can use at home after a stressful day. Look for a kit that includes a candle, purifying bath products, a velour robe, and terry slippers—a great kit for any employee who can use some downtime.