Employee Benefits and Incentives for College Interns

Great Benefits, Bonuses, and Perks for Student Interns

College Internship
College Internship Benefits. Depositphotos.com

The early part of the year and into the summer months are typically a time when companies are looking to bring on some college interns. Most interns understand that in exchange for their hours of service that they will earn both valuable experience and college credits, which can propel them into a promising future career. But, many college interns do not realize that they may also be eligible for certain benefits and perks that come with working for a progressive company.

Here are some things that interns should ask about.

Worksite Benefits and Perks

Interns will likely be working alongside regular employees for a certain period of time to satisfy the number of college credit hours they need. During this time, interns can and should take advantage of all the onsite perks and benefits that employees do. For example, whenever it’s offered, interns can enjoy free coffee and snacks, the corporate wellness facilities, onsite dry cleaning, shipping and technology discounts, and any classes that take place on the company site (with management approval).

Internship Financial Benefits

There are also many financial benefits that interns can enjoy, including hourly wages (for paid internships), earned bonuses for achieving certain goals, and even support for college tuition, books,  and paying off student loans. Companies that want to recruit and hire the best interns will often offer to pay for the final year’s tuition with the promise that the intern will work for the company for at least a year following graduation.

Industry Benefits for Interns

During the course of the intern experience, students can also take advantage of perks like attending industry conferences for free, becoming members of industry associations at a discount rate, and obtaining specialized on-the-job training. Many companies will happily send interns to various events on behalf of the company, and connect interns with their corporate network as part of the learning experience.

This is something that can be difficult to obtain otherwise, so interns should take this seriously.

Health and Wellness Benefits

While employee benefits may not seem necessary for students undertaking an internship (they are probably covered under parental plans or college benefits), there are certain health and wellness benefits that interns can enjoy. Interns can participate in the company wellness programs, including the fitness areas of the campus and other wellness services like massage therapy, free healthy meals, and fitness teams. They may also want to take advantage of corporate discounts with local wellness vendors, including access to local grocery stores, fitness and recreational centers. The company may also offer free flu shots, biometric screening, smoking cessation and exercise classes.

Employment Opportunities

Perhaps the biggest benefit that interns can enjoy is the possibility of earning a place at the company on a full time basis once college graduation is behind them. Because companies invest a lot of time into developing great internship programs, naturally they intend to hire at least a percentage of interns each year. This can involve not only being offered an official salary and the same group employee benefits that others enjoy, but also a generous sign on bonus and learning support for starting a brand new career.

Interns should be smart when choosing where to participate in an internship, so they can earn a top offer once the internship has been fulfilled. Selecting a company that already treats employees well, offers great benefits, and has a vested interest in the success and well-being of employees is a great place to start.