3 Ways to Make Email Automation Work for Your Business

Guest post by Josh Smith, email best practices manager at AWeber, a provider of small business email marketing software.

Email automation is all the rage in the email marketing industry right now. It is something that is allowing business owners to spend less time on their email campaigns but gets a whole lot more out of it.

It turns out that business owners are not the only ones enjoying the fruits of email automation, the subscribers and people receiving the emails are too! That’s because email automation helps you send the right email, to the right person, at the right time.

Here are three ways email automation can work for you...

Send Smarter Emails

send smarter emails
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The first big reason to use email automation is to send smarter emails. Whether you are a blogger or someone selling actual products, you can use automation to send highly targeted emails to your subscribers.

Imagine a funnel you would use for your car, it has a wide top and narrow bottom. People who sign up to receive your marketing emails are going to start out as a general subscriber. As they interact with your different emails, you can use analytics to start targeting them with content that has a more narrow focus.

But with automation, your targeting gets even more sophisticated. By creating automatic campaigns, you can pre-set a series of messages to send based off of a specific purchase, download, or other action. In essence, your email campaigns are then working that much harder for you.

Sort and Segment Your Subscribers

sort and segment email subscribers
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A second key benefit of automation is that it enables you to strategically sort and segment your subscriber list by creating multiple series of emails.

Let’s say you have a chocolate store with various types of treats for chocolate lovers to choose from. With email automation, you can transform your weekly email newsletter so it automatically sorts your list of subscribers into segments based on specific products they show interest in.

For instance, when subscribers click a special newsletter offer for truffles, this can set off an automatic trigger so they then receive an automated series of messages about truffles, what goes well with truffles, etc. Same with any other product found in your newsletter.

When doing this, stay mindful of how many emails a user could potentially get. It is very easy to get caught up in how powerful a tool it can be. A tip would be to move them to the “truffle series” for a couple weeks and, when they’re done, have them moved back into the general newsletter series. That way they are still only receiving a single, weekly email.

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Save Time

save time with email marketing
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The third way automation works for you is by saving you time. Think about setting up a series of multiple messages in advance that react to what your subscribers are interested in. If setup correctly, you have the opportunity to have a fully automated email marketing “funnel” that doesn’t require a ton of management.

You may still opt to write email newsletters, but you can then have different branches off of those to more targeted information. While you work on other areas to grow your business, you can rest assured that your automated campaigns are delivering the right messages to the right people and at the right time.

Email automation is a big topic in the email industry at the moment. Your setup can be complex or it can be simple. Anyone who has a stake in email marketing can benefit from some type of automation.

Josh Smith is the email best practices manager at AWeber, a provider of small business email marketing software.

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