Sample Email to Send to Your Manager After Maternity Leave

How to Reach Out to Your Manager About Your Return to the Office

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Getting ready to return to work from your maternity leave? There is a lot you'll need to do to prepare for this transition. One of your important tasks will be getting in touch with your manager. Depending on how effective your human resources department is, your manager may or may not be aware of your precise return date.

Tips for Emailing Your Boss

Email is an easy way to reconnect with your manager.

Some of the details you'll want to include in your note are:

  • Your planned first day back in the office
  • Any schedule changes (e.g., you'll be pumping twice a day, you'll need to leave early for childcare reasons once a week, etc.)
  • A request to meet-up before your first day back (this is optional, but could make your transition back to work easier)

Do remember that while your baby and new schedule may take precedence in your own life, your manager likely doesn't want to know too many intimate details. And of course, for your manager, your ability to perform your job is one of the most important aspects of your return to the workplace.

Read below for a sample email to send to your manager prior to your return to the workplace.

Subject: Return to Work Update - Sarah

Dear Bob,

I'm getting excited for my return to the office! My maternity leave is winding down, and after speaking with Human Resources, September 19, 20XX will be my first official day back in the office.

Do you have time to meet for coffee the week before then? I'd love to catch up on the latest projects. If not, let's definitely schedule some time on the 19th.

Just a few notes on my schedule: during the first months back in the office, I'll be pumping. Carolyn in HR has already let me know where to go, and I'll be sure to block the time off in my calendar, so that I don't get scheduled into a meeting.

On Thursdays, I'll be getting into the office early, but will have to leave a bit early too, to pick up my baby from daycare. As well as my early start time, I'll be sure to respond to emails once I'm back at home, and will of course be reachable on my phone at any time. Please let me know if you think this slight schedule shift will be a concern.

Looking forward to getting back into the office routine, and getting a chance to catch-up.



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