Electronics Sales Positions

Consumer Electronics
The changing world of consumer electronic sales positions. Getty Images

There are very few industries that change as rapidly as does the consumer electronics industry. Whether it's smartphones, tablets, computers, televisions or any other electronic, change is a fast moving constant.

This rapidity of change creates a demand for people with a penchant towards electronics. Imagine being a consumer with an interest in electronics. Unless they have an awful lot of free time, they will have questions.

And at the end of every business day, a sales professionals job is to answer questions, solve problems and to profitably serve their customers.

The Biggest Challenge of the Industry

The big box electronic stores are leading the trend of employing non-commission earning sales reps. While this does not mean that all employers in the consumer electronic industry won't offer their sales professionals the opportunity to earn sales commissions, it does point to a growing trend. Big box stores are powerful forces in the retail industry, especially in the consumer electronics world. The more influence they acquire, the more challenging it will become for sales professionals who believe in the benefits of commission based income to be successful in sales.

The Second Biggest Challenge

As influential as big box sellers are to the consumer electronic industry, they too are faced with a challenge that is trending towards disrupting the industry as a whole.

That challenge, of course, is the continual and rapid expansion of Internet-based retailers.

For many reasons, Internet-based retailers are able to offer prices to consumers far below what even the big box retail stores can. Whether it is their lack of the costs associated with brick and mortar stores or their much lower labor costs, the Internet is putting a serious hurt on all consumer electronic retailers.

And the trend is not going to end anytime soon.

Is the Career Still a Valid One?

No one can predict how long and how influential the Internet trend will last and become but it is becoming fairly obvious that sales careers in consumer electronics may be a dying industry. Outside of entry level jobs, consumer electronics may be a non-starter when it comes to the sales industry.

Like most industries affected by the Internet and growing retail trends, the exception will always be highly specialized electronic devices. Many people rely on the expertise of cellular phone service employees when it comes to purchasing a smartphone, for example. However, as smartphones become easier and easier to operate, and as the wealth of online tutorials, videos and resources continues to expand, that industry will soon see a contraction.

What Happens Next?

The very rapidity of the expansion of the consumer electronic world offers hope to those interested in a sales career in the industry. Someone with a passion for sales and electronics needs to focus on learning and fully understanding "the next big thing," how to predict its popularity and, of course, learn how to sell it.

If you make a run ​in a career in consumer electronics, you may end up either starting your own business, opening a small, specialized retail shop or launching an Internet store that offers products and the training needed to operate whatever it is that is coming our way.

Whatever does come next, it will eventually fall victim to the same trends that have practically eliminated the once financially stable and rewarding careers of radio, television and home PC sales jobs.