Educational YouTube Channels for Day Traders

Trader pointing at a trading chart
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Watching a video can be better than reading, in some respects, when you want to learn something about day trading. You can see someone take a specific action and listen to them talk their way through a trade.

These YouTube channels can be helpful for both beginning and experienced day traders. All subscriber numbers are as of August 2019.

Warrior Trading 

This might be the granddaddy of all YouTube day trading channels, with more than 425,000 subscribers. Warrior Trading has the goal of teaching viewers how to actually make a living trading stock. New videos are posted every day, including reviews of real-time trades.


With almost 132,000 subscribers, the Investopedia YouTube channel is very popular with day traders. The channel provides short videos on basic trading and economic and financial concepts. It's a great place to start if you're new to trading and want to expand your vocabulary so that you can be sure you understand what other traders are saying.

Investors Underground

This YouTube channel offers weekly stock watch lists and game plans as well as lessons on various topics related to day trading stocks. Investors Underground has more than 103,000 subscribers.

Bulls on Wall Street 

Bulls on Wall Street offers instructional videos as well as courses you can enroll in if you really want to educate yourself. This channel is ideal for beginners as well as more advanced traders who want to hone their skills. It has almost 63,000 subscribers.

Tradenet Day Trading Academy

Tradenet describes itself as a live day trading academy. It was started by Meir Barak in 2004 and has taught more than 30,000 people to become professional traders. The Tradenet Day Trading Academy YouTube channel has almost 50,000 subscribers and offers daily live videos from Tradenet's Day Trading Room.

Day Trading Academy 

Check out the very similarly named Day Trading Academy YouTube channel if you're more into futures trading. This channel focuses mostly on day trading futures with a minor focus on stock trading.

Day Trading Academy has a lot of videos, including some live trading and live class recordings, as well as an introductory series of short videos on getting started in trading. You'll also get interviews with traders as well as up-to-the-minute news monitoring.

Day Trading Academy, which was founded by Marcello Arrambide, has more than 48,000 YouTube subscribers.


Akil Stokes's TierOneTrading YouTube channel is for traders in the foreign exchange (forex) market. Stokes is a trader and trading coach who co-founded Tier One Trading, a coaching platform. The channel has more than 44,000 subscribers.

Bear Bull Traders

Andrew Aziz and his team of day traders share 30 or so videos on the Bear Bull Traders channel, including live trades, every week. Aziz is the author of the book "How to Day Trade for a Living." Bear Bull Traders has more than 15,000 subscribers.

DailyFX EDU 

The DailyFX EDU YouTube channel has many videos on forex basics, trading tips, and setups for Trading Station. DailyFX EDU is the educational division of London-based forex broker Forex Capital Markets, or FXCM, which owns the Trading Station forex trading platform. The YouTube channel has 5,500 subscribers.

Price Action & Income 

Don't overlook the Price Action & Income YouTube channel even though it focuses mostly on forex swing trading and longer-term forex trading. There's still a lot of information for the day trader, including videos on trading psychology and basic trading strategies that are applicable no matter what time frame you trade in. It has 3,600 subscribers.