eBay Listings Can Place Higher in Google Search with MyRealKarma

MyRealKarma for eBay
••• MyRealKarma is a free tool that can increase eBay traffic. MyRealKarma.com

 eBay sellers have a lot to think about when posting listings including correctly pricing items, taking clear photos, and writing titles and descriptions. Not only do sellers have to write for humans but also for the eBay search engine and Google. Surprisingly, some buyers don’t start their search for the desired item on eBay, many start on Google. If a listing isn’t optimized for Google, the item may not be found.

eBay has had ongoing problems with Google, including a snafu back in 2014 with the Panda algorithm. Google decided the penalty was to push eBay’s listings down in search. eBay is still recovering and sellers continue to look for ways to place higher in search, so buyers can find their items, and they can increase sales revenue.

Enter a new product called MyRealKarma. This eBay-approved plug-in is the brainchild of Alex Nikitin, CEO of a company called MyRealKarma. Nikitin came up with the idea for the product when listening to a few friends express their frustrations about starting on eBay. His colleagues, who had experience in the ecommerce realm, were frustrated with having to start at the bottom of the totem pole on eBay and build a reputation from scratch. New eBay sellers start with zero feedback, which means no credentials, which also means zero customer trust. Nikitin and his colleagues searched for a solution but after finding none, decided to create a tool that would help establish a reputation across multiple platforms.

The big question here is exactly how does this product help improve indexing on Google? According to Nikitin, when a profile is created on the site, sellers add tags (keywords), attach social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter, an image or branded logo, and invite friends to join. The seller’s profile then shows up as a mini-website that shows up in searches.

In layman’s terms, an eBay seller has a mini-website on eBay via her store home page and each listing. MyRealKarma is the same concept on a different site – the seller’s profile is a little website with all the seller’s information including her landing pages on eBay, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

MyRealKarma is a free product that helps sellers in a couple of ways. First, the product drives quality traffic to eBay listings, even across multiple stores. All listings are cross promoted. This is similar to eBay’s cross promotion tool, but it works across several different ecommerce platforms including eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify. This is great news for sellers who sell on different platforms, as many eBay sellers do. When online sellers use the plug-in, they can streamline the purchase or sale of inventory and save time and money by using one platform.

Some eBay sellers don’t consider what happens on Google. They are under the impression that eBay does all the work for them. This is partly true, but it doesn’t help to give Google some extra juice to find listings. Google has 100 million times more traffic in 24 hours than eBay, so anything eBay sellers can do to increase the likelihood of appearing in search results is a good idea.

MyRealKarma adds a cherry on top of eBay feedback. Sellers are encouraged to add a badge to their eBay listings that shows a MRK score. When shoppers click on this badge, they are taken to a screen that shows the how the seller ranks against other eBay sellers, and the seller’s reputation across platforms. It is like an aggregate score for the seller as an ecommerce seller, not just an eBay seller. Unfortunately, the MRK badge cannot be added using bulk edit at this time. For now, the HTML code must be added to each listing individually. MRK may implement a bulk edit option if enough sellers request it. As of April 2016, 12,000 users are active on MyRealKarma across all the platforms they serve.

Again, this product is free and if it really can improve search placement on Google, it is worth a try.

MyRealKarma is an eBay approved application and integrates with eBay accounts using a token, the same way as InkFrog, Seller Sourcebook, Auctiva, Terapeak, and a host of other applications. When signing up, users will be asked to enter their eBay password to connect MyRealKarma to their eBay account. This is perfectly safe and an industry standard for third party eBay services.