29 Easter Word Search Puzzles

Online and Printable Easter Word Search Puzzles for Every Level

These Easter word search puzzles will help your children celebrate Easter in both a fun and educational way this year.

Each Easter word search puzzle falls into a category based on the number of words there are to find and a recommended grade level is attached to each. This makes it really easy to find the type of puzzle that works best for your child or students.

There's a great mix of secular and religious Easter word search puzzles here depending what you're looking for. You may also want to check out my spring word search puzzles, Bible word search puzzles, or holiday word search puzzles. Of course, you can always ​make your own word search puzzle if you'd like.

I also have more Easter freebies such as printable Easter cards and Easter coloring pages that the kids, and you, are sure to love.

Easy Easter Word Search Puzzles

Little girl playing with Easter eggs
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These are easy Easter word search puzzles that have 15 or less hidden words. They work really well for kids in grades 1-3.

  1. Super Easy Easter Word Search: A religious Easter word search puzzle that's super easy with just 5 hidden words.
  2. Very Easy Easter Word Search: Only 5 words to find inside this secular Easter word search puzzle.
  3. Easy Secular Easter Word Search: Find 6 words in this colorful Easter word search.
  4. Easy Religious Easter Word Search: There are 6 words to be found in this religious Easter word search.
  5. Easter Bunny Word Search: Find all 6 words and then color in the eggs and the basket.
  6. Easter Sunday Word Search: There are 6 words hidden inside this Easter Sunday word search.
  7. Eggsellent Easter Word Search: Find 11 words to solve this Easter word search.
  8. Ziggity Zoom Easter Word Search: There are 12 words hiding in this Easter word search. Can you find them all?
  9. Easter Egg Word Search: Twelve hidden words can be found in this word search puzzle that's shaped like an egg.
  10. Printable Easter Word Search: A printable Easter word search puzzle where you'll have to hunt for 13 words.
  11. Easter Bunny Word Search: You'll need to hunt down 15 hidden words in this Easter bunny word search puzzle.
  12. Easter Word Search Free Printable: You'll find 15 hidden words inside this colorful word search puzzle. Use the letters you don't use to find the answer to the secret question.

Medium Easter Word Search Puzzles

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These Easter word search puzzles are a little more difficult with 16-30 words that need to be found. Kids in grades 4-5 will especially enjoy them.

  1. Printable Easter Word Search: There are 16 hidden words in this printable Easter puzzle from Tim's Printables.
  2. Secular Easter Word Search: Find 18 words in this secular Easter word search.
  3. Squigly's Easter Word Search: You'll need to find 19 words dealing with Jesus' death and resurrection in this word search puzzle.
  4. Religious Easter Word Search: Print out and find the 20 words in this religious Easter word search puzzle.
  5. Easter Sunrise Surprise: A religious Easter word search with 20 hidden words.
  6. Easter Word Search Puzzle: There are 20 hidden words in this word search complete with a word list.
  7. Printable Easter Word Search: Here's a beautiful Easter word search with 20 words that would make a great addition to your Easter table.
  8. Easter Word Search Puzzle: There are 20 hidden Easter terms in this word search.
  9. Beyond the Easter Bunny: Find the 24 hidden words in this puzzle that have everything to do with actual bunnies.
  10. Cross Easter Word Search: There are 25 words hidden inside this cross-shaped Easter word search puzzle.

Challenging Easter Word Search Puzzles

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These are hard Easter word search puzzles with 31+ words to find. I recommend these for kids in grades 6 and up and adults.

  1. The Crucifixion and Resurrection Word Search: ​This Easter word search is tough with 32 words to find all about the crucifixion and resurrection.
  2. Super Hard Easter Word Search: Wow, this one is tough! There are 50 hidden words in this Easter word search.

Online Easter Word Search Puzzles

Easter Word Search
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These are Eater word search puzzles are all online and you don't have to print anything out to play them.

  1. Easy Online Easter Word Search: Perfect for the younger kids, this online Easter word search has only 10 words to find.
  2. Online Easter Fun Word Search: Find 10 words in 5 minutes in this online Easter word search puzzle.
  3. Christian Easter Word Search: A religious online Easter word search that has 10 hidden words.
  4. Online Religious Easter Word Search: This online religious Easter word search puzzle has anywhere from 10-14 words you'll need to find.
  5. Online Easter Word Search: Choose from a small word search puzzle with 12 words to find or bigger puzzle with 16 hidden words.