Liked Too Many Facebook Pages? How to Remove Them, Quickly and Easily

Have too many FB pages liked? Unlike them in bulk with this easy tip.

Too Many
Too Many "Likes" on Facebook? Here's What to Do. Danil Melekhin / Getty Images

Have Too Many Facebook Pages "Liked"?

When you enter Facebook sweepstakes, you might end up "liking" a lot of pages (even though like-gating has been banned, meaning that you no longer have to like a page to see the contest information).

Even sweepstakes that aren't hosted on Facebook will often give you bonus entries for following the sponsor's pages, and that means that the number of pages you have liked can add up quickly.

But you can't like an unlimited number of pages. As many sweepstakes fans have noticed, there's a limit to the number of pages you can like at once on Facebook.

As of this writing, the limit is set at 5,000. (Want to check if that limit has changed? Visit this Facebook help page: How Many Pages Can I Like on Facebook?) That number sounds like a lot, but over years of entering Facebook sweepstakes, you may find that it's not enough.

So what do you do if you are getting close to that limit, or if you just want to clean up the pages you've liked on Facebook and keep your timeline neat?

You'll have to make room by unliking pages. Removing your Facebook "likes" one after another is tedious, but luckily, there's a trick to make it easier to get rid of bunches of pages at a time.

How to Unlike Multiple Facebook Pages at Once:

Here's a quick and easy way to unlike many Facebook pages:

  1. Log into your Facebook account and click on your name at the top right-hand side of the page, next to "Home".
  1. Click on the "Activity Log" button. (A shortcut to get directly to the Activity Log page is by copy-pasting this URL into your browser window: Substitute your actual Facebook name for YOUR-FB-NAME).
  2. On the left-hand side of the screen, select the link for "Likes" and then select "Pages and Interests". This displays a handy list of all of the pages you currently have liked.
  1. Each page listed has a little pencil symbol on the right-hand side of the screen. Clicking the pencil gives you several options, including "Hidden from Timeline" and "Unlike".
  2. You can choose "Hidden from Timeline" if you want to continue to follow the page, but you don't want to see updates from the page mixed in with your other friends' updates on your timeline.
  3. Choose "Unlike" if you want to stop following the page (this is the option you'll need to choose if you have too many pages "liked".
  4. Work your way down the list, removing pages you no longer need. Voila!

Helpful Tips For Unliking Pages:

  1. If you are not sure what a page is about or whether you still want to follow it, right-click on the page's name and choose the option "open link in new tab" or "open link in new window" to open the page without losing your place in the list.
  2. Make sure you really want to unlike the page. Many sweepstakes sponsors run many giveaways. If you have their posts showing up in your timeline, you will quickly and easily find out when they are giving away more prizes. In some cases, you might want to simply stop the page from appearing on your Facebook news feed.

Easily Unlike a Single Facebook Page:

But what if you only want to unlike a single Facebook page?

That's easy to do, too. Here are two options:

  • Unliking from the Facebook page: You can go directly to the page, hover your mouse over the button that says "Liked" and wait for the menu to appear. Then select "Unlike" from the menu.
  • Unliking from your Facebook Timeline: When the page appears in your Timeline, hover your mouse over the page's name. A menu will appear. Hover your mouse over the button on that menu that says "Like" and then you can click on "Unlike". You can also Unfollow from this step, which means that you still have the page liked, but you won't see it in your timeline.

Keeping Your Facebook Page Tidy:

It's a good idea to go through your Facebook likes on a regular basis, to make sure that you don't have too many pages clogging up your account. When you do hit that 5,000 liked pages limit, it's a pain to have to go through an enormous list to prune out the pages you don't want.

It's much more manageable if you go through your likes on a regular basis -- I try to do mine about once a month. This also makes it easier to remember why you liked the page to begin with, and whether you want to continue to follow them.

It's also a good idea to review your Facebook apps on a regular basis. If you no longer need the app, there's no reason to continue to give it permission to access your page or information. That link will tell you exactly how to do that.