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Get 5 GB+ of Free Cloud Storage with Dump Truck

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Dump Truck has shutdown as of December 19, 2015. You can read more about it here.

This isn't the only service that offers free file storage. There are plenty alternatives to Dump Truck that you can read more about in this list of free cloud storage services.

Dump Truck offers a free online storage plan with an easy to use file browser/uploader and no bandwidth caps.

View your uploaded files via WebDAV, a browser, or a mobile device.

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Dump Truck Features

Dump Truck offers 5 GB of free online storage. You can refer friends for an additional 500 MB of space for each friend, with a total possible free storage (after referrals) of 21 GB.


  • 5 GB of storage when you sign up
  • Earn up to 21 GB of total storage through friend referrals
  • Can be installed to Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Supports uploading entire folders at once
  • Share files & folders with anyone, even if they aren't Dump Truck users
  • Mobile application that supports uploading videos and photos
  • No cap on transfer speeds


  • Can not view the progress of files being uploaded
  • No options for controlling bandwidth in the desktop software

File Sharing with Dump Truck

You can share your Dump Truck data, files and folders, even if the recipient isn't a Dump Truck user.

Specific security settings can be set for file sharing like having the link expire in a certain amount of hours or days, as well as password protecting the shared URL.

You can set different security properties for the same file so you can share with different people and have greater control over how they open the file.

Dump Truck Applications

A Windows and Mac Dump Truck program is available that places a folder on your computer as if it were any other local folder.

You can simply drag and drop or copy and paste files and folder into the Dump Truck folder to have them automatically upload to your account.

You can also download an Android or iOS app to view and share your files. 

Dump Truck Limitations

There are no file size limits when sharing, uploading, or downloading files with Dump Truck. You get unlimited transfer speeds with no cap on the amount of files you can work with.

The only limit imposed is the storage space you have available.

My Thoughts on Dump Truck

The free space offered by Dump Truck is a bit less than similar online storage services. However, if you can find 30+ friends to make an account from your referrals, 21 GB isn’t a bad size at all.

Uploading files really couldn’t be easier. Dragging and dropping or copying and pasting is all that’s needed to move files and folders into the designated Dump Truck folder. The folder structure you upload with is retained in your account when you login with a browser.

With that being said, a major feature seems to be missing. I found no way to view the progress of files being uploaded. This may not be a huge concern to some, but without a progress indicator there’s also no way to pause or stop an upload.

I had to actually exit the program to stop it from uploading files.

There also aren’t any bandwidth settings to limit how fast files can be uploaded. Without a limit, you can really bog down your network.

Overall, the file browsing simplicity, sharing features, and lack of speed caps make Dump Truck a great service. That is, if you can deal with a few of the caveats I’ve mentioned.

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