Penalties for Driving Without Car Insurance in North Carolina

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Each state, including North Carolina, has it's own set of rules and penalties for drivers caught driving without car insurance. Please remember though, its not the state fees you should fear. Its being in a car accident without coverage. The financial responsibility of covering the costs of an accident would be crippling for most people. Hopefully, you are just here to check out the state fees so I'll get right to it.

North Carolina State Fees for No Car Insurance

If your insurance company fails to renew your policy, or if you have a lapse in coverage, your North Carolina insurer is required by law to notify the DMV. You will then be sent a notice to which you must respond within ten days. If there was no break in coverage, you must let the DMV know. If there has been a lapse in coverage, you will be required to show proof of new insurance and pay an assessed penalty within the ten days or you will be subject to loss of your license plate. Penalties are assessed according to the number of lapses in coverage on your vehicle within the last three years.

The current penalties are:

  • $50 for the first lapse
  • $100 for the second lapse
  • $150 for the third and subsequent lapses.

A driver involved in an accident who does not possess proper insurance coverage at the time will have his license suspended. The suspension will remain in effect for one year, after which the driver must provide proof of insurance.

The uninsured driver will also receive three points on his or her driving record. 

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