Domenick Celentano

Domenick Celentano is visionary entrepreneurial food executive with extensive marketing and operations experience in closely held companies. He has a proven track record in turnaround, planning and executing new product launch across multiple retail channels. His entrepreneurial focus is ideation and problem solving specifically related to indentifying sales growth issues as well as indentifying marketing segments that have opportunities matching a company’s core competencies.


You can also read more about Dom's current work at FoodBevXpert.


Domenick has his MBA in Food Marketing from St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, PA. He received his BS in Business Administration from Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ.

Domenick Celentano

What Food Am I?

If you were a beverage or food- what would it be, on what occasion, and why? Silly question? Well it is one of the best ways I have found that paints the "picture of me".

I envision myself as Sushi. Why? Sushi requires a chef with creativity and vision, which is analogous to strategic capabilities I possess. Great sushi requires impeccable execution, transforming difficult to prepare ingredients into a reality. This is analogous to the tactical skills I possess in executing strategy.

My Pitch

At FoodBevXpert, I work with food entrepreneurs and help create and manage sustainable food brands along the path from the test kitchen to the shelf to the consumer's plate. This is more than hype. Unlike most consultants and advisors I have a multi-disciplinary background as result of having the opportunity to span operations, financing, marketing and sales at my family business and currently with clients. Companies I work under the premise that rapid changes in the market and consumer behavior require problem solving combined with critical thinking for the long term best interests of the company.

The FoodBevXpert Services work on these three principles apply: (1) determining the real customer problem, (2) creating ideas that clearly solve the problem and (3) determining how the company's business model will make money. Success can only be achieved when companies/brands balance Desirability, Feasibility and Viability. Give me a call to chat about your food business.

In my family business, Celentano Bros. Inc, I consistently focused on consumer food trends and positioned our brand and new product launches in the white space that existed in the market. As a privately held company, ROI was not a mere metric: self funding required managing risk to our family capital, therefore matching our core competencies to the opportunity was important for capital preservation.