Dog Walking Jobs for Kids

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Is your child a pet lover? If a pet sitting job was too variable, he may want to try dog walking. It will earn more money than pet sitting and could be a regular job with the right four-legged client.


  • Dogs are Common: Dogs are a very common household pet. Although finding a family who needs a dog walker might be a challenge, there are plenty of families with dogs.

  • Great After School Job: Walking a dog can be a great daily activity that doesn't take a large part of the afternoon and evening. There will still be time to complete schoolwork and participate in extra curricular activities.

  • Low Start-Up Costs: Your child won't have to spend much money to get appropriate supplies. Most dogs will come with their own leashes; it may be good to purchase a spare leash and water bowl.

  • Fun: Like pet sitting, if your child enjoys pets; he will most likely love dog walking.

  • Exercise: Dog walking is the perfect job to keep your child fit and active.

  • Various Ages: Dog walking can be an appropriate job for various aged children. However, younger children should stay in a familiar area.

  • Multiple Clients: Your child could take on two different clients at once and walk them at the same time, allowing for double the income.

  • Cons:

    • Back Up Plan: If the job is daily, he can't just call in sick. Fido will still need to get his walk in. Make sure your child has a friend or sibling lined up for emergencies, or else you might be stuck walking the dog.

    • Cleaning Up: Walking a dog in town means cleaning up after the dog poops. It's part of the job, so make sure your child realizes this.

    • Responsibility is High: Your child will be caring for a living creature, so he must be responsible and understand the consequences of his actions when he is with the dog.

  • Bad Weather: Dogs will still need a walk when it's cold outside. In addition, many dogs still need to take their walks in the snow or rain to get their exercise.

  • What Kids Learn About Money:

    • Research Pay: Kids will probably make less than professional dog walkers, who charge anywhere from $10-$30 per hour and can go as high as $50 per hour. Your child should call around and get quotes from others who offer the service to determine the going rate in your area.

    • Variable Pay: Some clients will offer your child a fixed price. Others will ask how much he charges. He will learn that prices fluctuate based on the client and circumstances.

    • Advertising: Dogs are everywhere. Your child can start by telling friends and neighbors about his new business. In addition, he may want to check with elderly people who may have trouble walking.

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