Does Car Insurance Cover Flood Damage?

Car driving through flood
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It may surprise you; car insurance does cover flood damage to cars, as long as you have selected the right coverage on your auto insurance policy. A flood can easily total out a car, and the only way to get your insurance company to pay for the repairs or your total loss is to carry comprehensive coverage on your policy. Flood insurance can be crucial if you live in a high-risk flood zone.

Hurricane Restrictions

If a hurricane is on the way, insurance companies restrict the purchase of comprehensive for the areas in the hurricane’s path.

So, don’t wait until the hurricane is announced to purchase comprehensive coverage for your vehicle. The restriction prevents fraudulent claims for people who want to pay for the coverage for just a few days versus always carrying the coverage.

Flood Damage Claim Tips

  • Call the claim in immediately. Time is of the essence in regards to a flood damage claim. Contact your insurance company’s claim service as soon as possible if your insurance agent’s office is not available. Especially in a catastrophic claim situation, you want to be first in line to get your claim processed.
  • Get the vehicle dried out as soon as possible. The sooner your vehicle gets dried out, the better your chances of avoiding a total loss situation. Do not try to dry your vehicle on your own. Be sure to contact the appropriate professionals.
  • Use your insurance carrier’s preferred body shop. One of the major problems with a flood damaged vehicle is the potential for future problems. Using your insurance carrier’s preferred body shop usually guarantees the shops work. Check with your insurance carrier or agent to see if your repairs are guaranteed.

    Do what you can to protect your vehicle against flood damage. Learn what your risk level for a potential flood is and weigh the value of your vehicle against the cost of comprehensive coverage. Speak with your insurance agent to determine what the best coverage is for you and your family.

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