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The Fewer Who Read This Article, the Better for the Rest of Us!

Do Not Read This Sign
Sign Says "Do Not Read". Nicolas Raymond/Getty Images

Despite the title, you are still reading this article. I don't know you, but I'd surmise that you do what you want, aren't easily bossed around, and have just enough curiosity to invest a few minutes.

Bear with me for a moment here, because all of that is much more significant than you probably realize upon first glance. It will be the curious, free-thinkers who conquer the stock markets, and not those who are easily led or guided by the masses.

In fact, my recent articles, entitled, "How Mass Media is Poisoning Your Trades," and "You Will Profit from Standing Out," both address this concept.  You see, based on the very nature of investing, the masses can not be "correct" most of the time.  

In fact, in any zero-sum game (where one person must lose a dollar for another to make one) you will always have the "winners" taking a disproportionate share of the profits at the expense of the crowd. Those who make decisions based on what the mass media is telling them, or people who replicate what almost everyone else is doing, almosts always lose big.

The way to bypass this stock market reality is to seek out and review the information that the majority do not. Just like you are doing now, by reading this article. Typically taking the path less traveled will result in massive changes to your success.

Based on the fact that you are reading this article despite the title, and aren't vulnerable to being told what to do, you almost certainly have the foundation to becoming an incredible investor.

In fact, you are also one of the few who will really benefit in your investment decisions, because you are a free-thinker.

Listen to the mass media... but don't act upon it. Rather, take whatever they are saying as an indicator or guidepost to reveal what the majority of people will do, what they will see, and how they will react.

For example, if the prime time news talks all about how everyone is buying Bitcoin or pot penny stocks or shares in Internet companies, don't take this to mean you should buy Bitcoin, or pot penny stocks, or Internet companies. Rather, understand that the masses will now go and buy even more of all of these already over-valued things.

As such your angle could be to avoid doing the same, or even better to invest in a way to profit as the hype dies down. If marijuana-based companies which used to be going for 5 cents are now trading for twenty dollars per share, it will make the news (as it did).  

Quick fortunes can apparently be made (as they were). However, by the point that the story makes the news, two things are happening at once:

1. The trend is coming to an end.

2. The biggest mob of people are trying to jump on board.

You can guess how this ends for the late-comers (who understandably believe that they are savvy investors, or that they are getting involved early in the new trend). They, like the other hundreds of millions watching the same few shows, will act in the same way as everyone else.

You, on the other hand, will act exactly as you will. That is the greatest secret to investing I would ever hope to give you.