Do I Need Defensive Driver Safety Training?

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Did you recently receive a traffic ticket? Do you pay high car insurance premiums? You might be the perfect candidate for a defensive driver safety course. This class could be more worthy of your time than you might think. Not only can it educate you on traffic laws and driver safety, but it can also save you money.

  1. Learn Important Driving Skills: The obvious reason to take a defensive driving class is to hopefully learn a helpful tip or two you can use in a real life situation. Most people think they know everything already and need a little more incentive to actually take a course. Luckily there are three more.
  1. Avoid Traffic Ticket Penalties: Some states, maybe your state, allows you to take a defensive driving safety training course to eliminate other penalties from a recent traffic ticket. Those other penalties could include fines, points on your driver's license, and increased car insurance rates. Wow, sounds like a whole lot of money to me. Spend a few hours and a bit of money on a driver course and save hundreds of dollars in the long run. Check to see if your state offers this perk, it is pretty crazy to pass it up. Remember each future traffic incident compounds the overall cost so avoiding your first offense all together can benefit you immensely in the future.
  2. Reduce Car Insurance Costs: Some insurance carriers offer a straight discount for completing a defensive driver course. Many are offered on motorcycle policies. However, if you were able to take the safety course in order to waive traffic violation penalties, this will benefit your car insurance rates too. If the ticket never goes on your driving record, your car insurance carrier will not surcharge you for the infraction. Most surcharges affect your car insurance for three to five years costing a lots of money.
  1. Educate Youthful Drivers: Did you recently catch your teen driver texting and driving? Did someone inform you they saw your teen driving recklessly? It can be very disconcerting hearing this news, but you should not lose hope. Taking away the car for an extended time might not be enough to cure your teen's bad driving habits. Consider requiring them to take a defensive driving course and make them pay for it too. Certainly you will get some backlash for this punishment, but as you probably already know most tough lessons do. Check with your car insurance provider to see if any discounts apply for taking the extra training course.

    Rules of the road do change and a refresher course might be just what you need after receiving a traffic violation. Sure it takes time and can be a pain, but be grateful if your state offers this opportunity. Not all of them do and those tickets are expensive!


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