Ways To Do Better Work Today

These 5 Ideas Will Instantly Improve Your Output

Improvement. Getty Images

We’re always looking for ways to improve. Or if we’re not, we should be. Legendary cellist Pablo Casals practiced daily, for hours, even at the age of 90. When asked why, he said, “Because I think I’m making progress.”

If only we all had that level of commitment and humility.

However, it doesn’t take a ton of willpower and dedication to drastically improve what we’re doing as advertisers, marketers, and designers.

By implementing just a few of the ideas below (or even all of them maybe), we can all do a lot better. And perhaps, influence those around us to do better as well.

1: Turn Off The Computer
Remember the days when a computer was a tool, not a window into another world? In the days of Bernbach, computers didn’t play a part (or at least, a big part) in the work being produced. Teams would sit in an office, with a blank sheet pf paper in front of them, and think. Do likewise. Turn off the computer, grab your notepad and a pen, and start thinking. If you have to physically leave the office and sit somewhere else, to avoid temptation, do it. You’ll be amazed at what you come up with.

2: Get Out
Following on from the previous idea, leave the building completely. If you work from home, take a stroll. If you work in the middle of a bustling city, go and experience it. We’re in advertising, we should spend the time to go among the consumers and see life as one for a change.

And best of all, the change of scenery will spark new ideas.

3: Avoid Meetings
There are too many meetings in the business, and they all last too long. Very few people realize that when you stop doing what you’re doing to attend a meeting, you are cutting off a valuable train of thought. It takes time to get into that mindset, and once you’re there, you need to stay there.

So, turn down the meetings. Reschedule them. Clear your morning, and really concentrate on the job at hand.

4: Remove Every Distraction
Your phone is a huge distraction. It’s always beeping at you, it craves your attention. Don’t give in to it. Let people know you are busy, and to only contact you in an emergency. Turn off Facebook, Instagram and Twitter notifications. Put the phone on vibrate, or silent if need be. It’s like taking a vacation from the outside world, and it can work wonders.

5: Immerse Yourself In Your Subject
What are you working on? If it’s a new product, get hold of it. Examine it. Smell it. Touch it. Feel it. Get to know it intimately. Is the product made at a factory you can visit? Then go and take a tour, and see how it is made. Is the inventor of the product available? Go and interview him or her, and really find out how it came about.

If it’s a service, experience it. Ask questions at every stage. Do it several times, as several different types of people. Be difficult, be agreeable, be dumb, be smart, be obnoxious. You want to kick the tires of this service, and really find out how it reacts to you in every way. The truth is a powerful weapon.

By immersing yourself in your subject in this way, you are gaining valuable insights, and are also giving your subconscious something to work on.

That tour may spark an idea you would never have had. That smell, maybe it will combine with a smell from your childhood. This is how great ideas come about. And by feeding your mind with all this information, you are planting seeds that can grow into something incredible.