Market Segmentation - Meet Your Customers' Needs Through Knowledge

Identify the Value in Your Brand Through Differentiation:

In order to differentiate your products or services -- that is, to make them more appealing to consumers than your competitors' products or services -- you need to know your consumers very well. The more keenly you know your target segments, the more precise your differentiation can be.

Market Segmentation Techniques Identify Discrete Target Markets

Brand Equity Translates Into Consumer Goodwill & Propensity to Buy

Build a Blue Ocean Strategy with Market Research:

Blue Ocean strategy depends on excellent market research for its differentiation strategies. Competitive intelligence is a form of market research which can provide the data needed to avoid Red Ocean thinking and identify the ways to move into Blue Ocean strategic thinking.

Blue Ocean Strategy Market Research

Create Research-Based Consumer Profiles and Personas:

A target market can be further refined through the construction of idealized profiles of consumers. A variety of market research techniques can be used to create consumer profiles or personas, including those listed below.

Persona Building Basics

Constructing Conjoint Analysis Profiles

Case Studies in Product & Service Differentiation:

Companies that know how to conduct market research and use the research findings effectively create a competitive edge.

Case studies featuring these market research savvy companies using market research for a variety of purposes are presented here.

Starbucks Blonde Roast Product Launch

Starbucks Logo Change

Coca-Cola Can Brand Change

Forecast Market Share for a Product Launch:

You can figure out the best product choice offers for different market segments by using Baynesian networks to simulate market share.

Try out different scenarios based on extant primary research.

Baynesia Market Simulator

Develop Segment-Specific Business Strategies:

The more you know about your target market segments, the easier it becomes to move consumers up the ladder to become evangelists who will advocate for your brand. This approach to market segmentation takes consumer insights to the strategic level.

Criteria and Conditions for Segmentation

The ROI of Market Segmentation Data

Brand Personality & Customer Experience Differentiation