Dew Doo Man Records Profile

Dj Prince Paul
By Mika-photography (Own work) [ CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Dew Doo Man Records: The Basics

  • What: Short lived Def/Rush Associated Labels (RAL) imprint Dew Doo Man
  • Founded by: Russell Simmons, Lyor Cohen, and Prince Paul
  • Founded: 1990(ish)*
  • Closed: 1991

*Sorry, folks, the details are a little sketchy.

From De La Soul to Dew Doo Man

In the early 1990s, at the ripe old age of 20, Prince Paul was the man in demand after having produced hits for 3rd Bass, Big Daddy Kane, and of course, De La Soul's 3 Feet High and Rising.

Although rumor has it that Paul was quite happy to stick to producing, Lyor Cohen convinced him to take on his imprint at Def Jam/RAL - and hence the Dew Doo Man was born. Things were rocky from the start, with Russell Simmons' less than enthusiastic reception to this new label's name, but Paul took his advance and his A&R freedom and began to work on Dew Doo Man's first release.

Resident Alien

The first release that Paul came up with was a concept album - It Takes a Nation of Suckas To Let Us In - based around the characters of three immigrants from the Caribbean who had recently relocated to Long Island. This idea didn't exactly scream "millions of sales," and Def Jam didn't react well to the product they were being delivered. Their vision of the label was one that would release radio-friendly, pop-influenced tracks, which was clearly not what Paul had in mind. The label didn't care for any of the other acts that Paul had waiting in the wings, either.

The End of the Dew Doo Man Era

In the end, the only release to ever come out on the Dew Doo Man imprint was the Resident Alien 12" Mr. Boops. Paul had a meeting with Cohen to try and save the label, but Cohen opted to shut down operations, leaving the full-length album languishing unreleased. The 12" remains in demand coming up on 20 years later, however, often selling for $50 or more on eBay.