Develop an Effective 30 Second Commercial

Networking Event
Getty Images / Caiaimage /Sam Edwards

What is your 30 second commercial? What introduction do you use at networking events, that creates interest and a response?

If you are like most people you are shaking your head thinking, "Oh no! Not that 30-second commercial lecture again."

It's true most of  us hate sitting down to write them, they confuse us, baffle us, and well just seem like the most challenging part of networking. We never feel like it's creative enough or professional enough.

We want it to be clever, but intriguing.

If you can GRAB the attention of your prospect at a networking event with your 30-second commercial you've opened the door to begin asking qualifying questions. Within seconds Selling your business gets EASIER. With the right 30 second commercial, you no longer have to find a way to introduce your business it just comes naturally.

The objective of your 30-second commercial is to have 15 to 30 seconds of information that informs someone with the following information:

  • Who are you?
  • Who is your company?
  • What does your company do?
  • How can you help?
  • Why your prospect should act now?

Seems easy, yes? Unfortunately, it's where we all screw-up. Take for example the following commercial:

"Hi my name is Laura Lake, I am CEO/President of L2 Marketing. We are an Interactive marketing company. We show companies how to integrate their offline and online marketing and create a holistic marketing approach that gets results."

What am I missing here? Does this message get your attention? Does it give my prospect an open-ended question to move them to the next level of conversation? No, it's missing key components to make it powerful and effective, so let's see how we can improve it.

Name: Hi my name is Laura Lake

Company: I'm the CEO/President of L2 Marketing.

What I Do: We help companies increase their revenue and strengthen their brand by integrating their online and offline marketing efforts using a holistic approach.

Power Question: Do you market your company in both online and offline venues? How are the results?

How We Can Help: I think we can help you. We have strategy sessions with all of our clients where we bring together a core team of our people and yours. We analyze your current marketing strategy. We give you at least five integration techniques that you can begin doing today that will increase your revenue.

Why the prospect should act now: Would you like to schedule a strategy session?

As you can see the key is not only giving them great information, but it's also asking the right questions. Go ahead give it a try! Post your 30 second commercial  on the Marketing Facebook page for free critiques and reviews by marketing professionals.